Image demonstrating Don’t get caught out – make sure you’re on the electoral register

Don’t get caught out – make sure you’re on the electoral register

Residents in Northumberland are being urged to safeguard their vote at election time by sparing just a few minutes of their time to make sure their name is on the electoral register. 

All 150,000 householders in Northumberland are being asked to look out for the annual canvass letters from Northumberland County Council which will be dropped through letterboxes over the coming week ( July 13).

Residents are requested to follow the guidance and, if changes are needed, make them promptly and online wherever possible. 

Young people coming up to voting age, students and recent home movers are less likely to be registered to vote so anyone falling into this category needs to pay particular attention and make sure they are registered correctly.

Kelly  Angus who is the Electoral Registration Officer at Northumberland County Council  said:

“ To vote in any election your name must be on the electoral register.  With elections taking place in Northumberland in May 2021, this is an important opportunity for residents to ensure they have a say on issues that directly affect day-to-day life in Northumberland.

“ Apart from voting, there are also other benefits to being on the register including improving credit score ratings which companies look at when you apply for a mobile phone contract, a mortgage or a loan. ”

“ At every election people lose their right to vote because they don’t realise that to be eligible to vote they have to register – please make sure you are not one of them.” 

If you have any queries regarding electoral registration, please ring Northumberland County Council’s elections office on 01670 624811.


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