Image demonstrating Popular coastal trail works underway

Popular coastal trail works underway

Work is well underway to refurbish one of Northumberland’s most popular cycling and walking routes.

The Eve Black Way, which runs between Seaton Sluice and South Blyth, is undergoing a comprehensive resurfacing scheme along its 2.5km length. 

The route is a popular local trail through the dunes, and also part of the National Cycle Network 1 'Coast and Castles' route.

Originally constructed over 15 years ago, sections of the path have deteriorated and become uneven. The new surface will make the route easier to use for all, especially the many wheelchair and mobility scooter users.

A tarmac surface will be put down over the existing path and then a top course of 'fibredeck' will be applied to give the path a textured buff coloured finish similar to the existing path.

Teams are also working to provide solid, level areas around the many benches along the path.

The overall cost of the scheme will be around £175,000 when completed.

Councillor Glen Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Environment and Local Services, said: “This lovely path had gone into decline and it was important we invested in it and brought it back up to scratch for the thousands of people who use it each week.

“The work is well underway and we’re aiming to get all the main surface down before the colder weather arrives. While it is a costly project it is worth it and I hope lots of people will enjoy it. ”

Councillor Cath Homer, Cabinet Member for Culture, Arts, Leisure and Tourism, added: “This is a fantastic route which is extremely popular both with visitors and local residents, walkers and cyclists.

“It’s also part of the National Cycle Network and attracts tourists so it’s vital they’re left with a good impression of the area.

“The path is quite gentle so it’s great for people wanting some light exercise and a breath of fresh air, as well as those wanting something a little more strenuous along the coast.”
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