Image demonstrating We’d like your views on the draft housing strategy for Northumberland

We’d like your views on the draft housing strategy for Northumberland

We are seeking the views of people who:
  • Live in Northumberland
  • Work in Northumberland

We believe everyone has the right to live in a safe, warm, secure and affordable home that  meets their needs.

We have a growing population and economy, with high demand for housing, and rising rents and house prices. Housing growth, in particular affordable housing,  is required to provide sufficient homes for people to live in and for businesses and local services to continue to thrive.

At the same time, we need to protect existing communities, and ensure that they can link with and benefit from the advantages arising from housing growth. We have an ageing population in Northumberland and diverse rural and urban communities, each with their own pressures and challenges. Our plans need to reflect the need to support and encourage communities across Northumberland to thrive.
Since we published our last housing strategy there have been some significant changes to national housing policy and planning legislation.  In light of this, we have developed a new draft Housing Strategy. This outlines proposals and priorities for housing development in the county for the next three years and the council’s ambitions for affordable housing provision in both rural and urban communities.

We are interested in your thoughts and ideas and we would welcome your views of the draft strategy, with particular regard to the following points;
  • Are the priorities we've identified appropriate?
  • Are there any additional client groups that we need to identify?
  • Are there any other areas of work you would like to see included?
How to take part.  The consultation opened on Friday 3rd May , and closes at 5pm on Friday 31st May. Comments can be submitted via email to or by post and they will then be considered as part of the final strategy development. The draft strategy can be found here;

Paper responses should be returned to:
Strategic Housing
Northumberland County Council
Blyth Civic Centre
Renwick Road
NE24 2BX

For further information, or questions about the consultation, please contact: Housing Strategy Team: Tel 01670 623076  Email
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