Tynedale Horticultural Service offers digital skills to users

The Tynedale Horticultural Service have used money gifted by Corbridge Gardening Society to purchase digital equipment to offer new skills development to their service users.

Currently based at Minsteracres Retreat Centre, the skills unit is an in-house learning disability service that grows plants and vegetables and sells them to members of the public. 

The horticultural skills unit work closely with Corbridge Gardening Society and have used the money given to them to purchase a video camera and tripod to promote their services and help their users develop new skills. 

Cllr Veronica Jones, cabinet member for adult health and wellbeing said: “This is such a generous gift from Corbridge Gardening Society, and has been used to help our service users develop their filmmaking and photography skills, which in turn will help promote the service to the public.”

Jane Hastings, chair of the Corbridge Gardening Society added: “We are delighted to have been able to help Tynedale Horticultural Service users with equipment to film their gardening experiences. The service has been associated with Corbridge Gardening Society for the past three years, and we hope the films they produce will be shown at our spring and summer shows. 

“Corbridge Gardening Society believes gardening is a great activity for everyone, and they are looking forward to seeing Tynedale Horticultural Service users enjoying their gardening experiences at their new premises at Minsteracres.”

The Tynedale Horticultural Service recently moved to Minsteracres Retreat Centre, Consett, DH8 9RT,  off the A68, and are currently residing in temporary accommodation while their permanent base is refurbished. All services are in operation during this time, and open to the public.
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