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Community groups invited to bid for funding 

Apply for a community chest funding

Voluntary and community groups across the south east of the county that are in need of financial assistance,  are being invited to apply for funding from Northumberland County Council’s community chest fund. 

Grants are available for a wide range of community projects including community building improvements and the purchase of equipment. 

There is an upper limit of £5,000 per grant with a maximum award of 75% of the costs eligible for funding under the scheme.  
For countywide initiatives the upper limit is £10,000, subject to the same 75% maximum of eligible costs.
The deadline for the next round of funding is January 31, 2020

Northumberland County Councillor and business chairman Richard Dodd said:
“ Our community chest scheme aims to support Northumberland’s diverse range of voluntary groups and organisations working hard for the benefit of residents across the county. ”

“ The community chest budget is managed and allocated locally by each local area council and based broadly on the population living within that area.  While the other areas in the county have spent their allocation, there is still money in the pot available for communities in the south east of the county including Blyth, Wansbeck, Cramlington and Morpeth.  ”

For more information or to apply to the fund you can go to  or email:


Apply for a community chest funding

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