Image demonstrating Blyth man given 10 year animal ban

Blyth man given 10 year animal ban

This is a picture of Heidi enjoying herself on the beach after her rescue and rehabilitation. However life was not always as happy for her.

A Blyth man who failed to provide a suitable living environment and failed to care for her has been prosecuted by Northumberland County Council and fined and banned from owning animals for 10 years.

On the 25th March, Mid and South East Northumberland Magistrates’ Court found the man guilty of an offence contrary to s9 of the Animal Welfare Act. Financial penalties totalling £450 were imposed and he was disqualified from owning any animals for 10 years.

The case was brought to court by the Council’s Housing and Public Protection Service following a report of poor living conditions.  An Animal Welfare Officer entered a property on Eighth Avenue, Blyth in April 2018, where she found a two year old St Bernard living in filthy and verminous conditions. She was underweight, lethargic and had muscle wastage; her coat was matted and she had several open sores and urine burning from laying in her own waste. Her food bowls were full of mouldy food and her bedding was saturated and rotten.

The dog was removed from the property due to concerns over her welfare and living conditions and has since been rehomed. She is now receiving the love and care she deserves and has just celebrated her third birthday.

Mr Philip Soderquest, Head of Housing and Public Protection said:

“ If you make a commitment to own a pet, then you must be able to care for it responsibly. Northumberland County Council will not tolerate any forms of animal neglect or cruelty and will pursue and prosecute offenders.”

The Animal Welfare Officer that rescued Heidi said:

“ When I first saw Heidi I was appalled at the conditions she was being made to live in. She had obviously been in great discomfort and distress for some time and as a result had to be shaved to remove all the matting. She has suffered massively with both physical and psychological issues since being rescued due to how she was treated by her previous owner.”

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