Fire Hydrants

Find out information about fire hydrants, report an issue with a fire hydrant or request a relocation.

Fire hydrants are an important part of fire safety. They are used by the fire service to access water from the local mains supply.

Fire hydrants are mainly located in public footways or highways and are installed, owned and maintained by water companies or local fire authorities.
On occasions, fire hydrant markers may need to be relocated (eg. where a property owner wishes to remove a boundary wall or widening of driveways etc).

If you have a hydrant marker post you wish to be relocated please click here to contact us, or call 01670 621 111.
It is our responsibility to make sure that the hydrants are kept serviceable and available for use in the event of fire.

Hydrant covers will be found in the roadway, footpath, or on a verge. All of our hydrants are identified by means of a hydrant indication post or plate, with information about pipe diameter and distance (from the plate/post to the hydrant).

The Emergency Response crews test hydrants, reporting faults to the fire support services department, who arrange for any defects to be repaired in liaison with the Water Authority.
It is illegal to use a fire hydrant to get water for any reason other than firefighting, unless authorised by the water authority or the owner of the fire hydrant.

Unauthorised access to the hydrant pit is not allowed. Anyone found to be using fire hydrants without appropriate authorisation are liable to prosecution.
A person commits an offence if he/she damages or obstructs a fire hydrant and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £500 (Fire and Rescue Services Act Section 42). 
Water companies can license the use of their hydrants to third parties such as street cleaners. However, if you suspect a fire hydrant is being used illegally without permission you can report it to our Fire Support Services Department. The more information you can provide about the user (such as location, date, time, company name, vehicle license plate number or similar) the easier it is for us to investigate.
Private fire hydrants are located on private water mains that are not the responsibility of the local water company or the fire and rescue service.

They are generally located on large sites such as hospitals, military establishments, retail parks, holiday parks, large warehouses and industrial estates, but may also be installed to provide cover for specific risk properties. 
Private hydrants are the responsibility of the owners/occupiers on whose land they are installed and will not be maintained by either the water company or the Fire and Rescue Service.
Private hydrants should be installed in accordance with the appropriate British standards and should be compatible with fire and rescue service equipment.  Where private hydrants are installed they should be tested and maintained and be in good working order by the responsible person(s), 
Under this Act it is an offence to obstruct a fire hydrant.

Obstruction includes inconsiderate parking which could place lives at risk, or causing damage to a fire hydrant. Any person committing an offence is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £500.
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For any enquiries, or if you need to report a problem about a fire hydrant e.g. leaking, missing lids, or other damage please contact us on 01670 621 111 or click here to email the team.