School term & holiday dates

Here you will find information on all term dates and school closures for Northumberland.

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School term dates and holidays

The following documents provide information regarding planned teacher training days and closures.

Please note teacher training days are subject to change and are updated regularly.  If the relevant school is not listed, please check the individual school's website.

School closures – teacher training days (special schools)

School closures – teacher training days

Welcome to the school holiday term dates page. Here you will find information on school dates for holidays, teacher training days and unplanned school closures.

Northumberland school holiday and term dates 2021/2022
Please note, some schools have allocated their own term dates.
You should also check your school's website.

Holiday or occasion of closure Date on which school will close Date on which school will reopen
Summer 2021 Friday 16 July 2021 *Monday 6 September 2021
October half term 2021 Friday 22 October 2021 Monday 1 November 2021
Christmas/New year 2021/2022 Friday 17 December 2021 Tuesday 4 January 2022
Spring half term 2022 Friday 18 February 2022 Monday 28 February 2022
Easter 2022 Friday 8 April 2022 Monday 25 April 2022
May Day 2022 Monday 2 May 2022  
Summer half term Friday 27 May 2022 Monday 6 June 2022
Summer 2022 Friday 22 July 2022 Monday 5 September 2022

NB:  Please contact your child's school directly for teacher training days.
*  This has changed from 2 September 2021

View the links below to download PDF versions of the school term dates.
If an authorised absence request is granted, it will be the headteacher's responsibility to determine the length of time a child is absent.

Authorised absence is unlikely to be granted for family holidays.
Parents/carers can be fined for taking a child on holiday during term time without consent.

Further information regarding term-time absence can be found here.

Should we be informed of any of schools closed due to weather, building problems or other local reasons they will appear below.

Unplanned school closures will appear here: 

Link to Northumberland  School Closure List

Please also follow our alert social media channels for information on unplanned school closures when the school has informed us of a problem. We also recommend that you also check with the individual school via their website, Social media pages and parent mail.

Details of school closures are also given on: