Town Investment Plan

Town Deal Board have agreed a set of projects to submit to Government as a part of the Blyth Town Investment Plan in January 2021.

This project will create road links between key employment sites on the upper estuary at Blyth and deliver berth improvements to make space for larger vessels at Battleship Wharf.

Connecting and developing these sites will help to attract major investment from manufacturing businesses, boosting the potential to create hundreds of new jobs. 

Battleship Wharf NEP 1 graphic
The design and build of a new innovation and testing facility in Blyth for bearing technologies. 

The Centre will provide testing equipment to help businesses bring new products to market. The project will create around 100 jobs at the test centre, with the potential to create hundreds more by attracting new businesses to Blyth and supporting the growth in offshore and renewable energy. 

Bearing Technology image 1
Bearing Technology panorama image
This project will create a cycling and walking corridor between Blyth town centre, the proposed new train station at Bebside, and key employment sites in Blyth. 

The improvements include traffic calming and road safety measures, alongside plans to make the public spaces more attractive and improve access for people with a disability. As well as being good for the environment, the new routes will enable more people in Blyth to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of walking and cycling. 

Cycle Corridor layout 1
Cycle Corridor layout 2

An annual programme of events and activities will be delivered across Blyth.

This is building on the town's successful track record in recent years and working with partners in the town, promoting and celebrating the unique culture and heritage of the town and the wider local area. The events will bring more residents, visitors and spending into the town centre, supporting local businesses and making the town more vibrant and attractive. 

Blyth cultural events programme - example 1
The development of a 20,000 sq ft training and education facility and visitor centre at South Harbour, adjacent to Commissioners Quay. 

The centre will specialise in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) learning to support local people of all ages to develop skills and access job opportunities in the growing renewable energy and subsea sector.  

ELCH courtyard (day view)
ELCH courtyard (night view)
ELCH site entrance (day view)
ELCH site entrance (night view)
An industry-led research, innovation and higher-level skills centre in the heart of Blyth town centre.

The facility will work alongside the Energy Central Learning Hub to provide an end-to-end pathway of energy sector skills development, from schools, to further education, vocational learning, and up to higher education and PhDs. Located on the site of the Arriva bus depot, this development will revitalise a prominent high street site that is currently run-down and unwelcoming. 

Energy Central artist's impression main
Energy Central artist's impression 1
This will complete the Northern Gateway Project Phase One that commenced in 2021 (covering Bowes Street, Church Street and Wanley Street).

Phsae Two will deliver a programme of improvements to footpaths, cycleways, public spaces, street lighting and digital signage, improving access to Blyth town centre from the north. Digital signage will provide real-time information on parking availability, markets, events and directions, while improved / wider footpaths and cycle ways will create safe, attractive and accessible routes into the town for all members of the community. 

Illustrative layout 1
Illustrative layout concept
Illustrative layout vehicles
Illustrative layout bikes
Illustrative layout pedestrians
New high quality residential homes will be built in Blyth town centre by re-purposing existing vacant buildings.

As well as providing new housing options for local residents, the accommodation will increase the resident population in the town centre, making it busier and safer at all times of the day and evening. 

Poundstretcher example 1