Heart of Blyth

The Heart of Blyth project is bidding for funding from the Health Foundation to take more action to create a stronger community.

The Heart of Blyth project is about living in a strong and resilient community, this affects all aspects of our lives from our health and wellbeing to our local economy and the environment.

Blyth is already a strong and resilient town and we know you have ideas on how to make it even stronger.   
The Heart of Blyth is part of Shaping Places for Healthier Lives, a joint grant programme with the Local Government Association and the Health Foundation.  We have the opportunity to receive up to £300,000 from the Health Foundation to take action together to help Blyth get even stronger and we need your ideas about how we can do this.   

We have started a community conversation with organisations working in Blyth such as Northumberland County Council, Northumbria Police, and Community and Voluntary Action Blyth Valley as well as businesses, community groups and voluntary sector organisations. 
We would like to ask you, the residents living in Blyth, to get involved too by completing our Heart of Blyth survey. This survey is open until 18 April.

What makes us healthy?

There are many factors which impact on our health as shown in this short video.

You have the local knowledge, perspective and passion for your town and know the strengths we can build on. You also understand the challenges and have ideas about how we could tackle them together. We have learned from the COVID-19 response that if communities pull together, we can achieve amazing things. This is a fantastic opportunity to shape what this funding could be used in your local community. 

What does a strong community mean to you? It might mean people that look out for each other, that you know your neighbours or that people care about the area. When thinking about ‘community’ that might mean the people in your street, estate, or people using the park you visit, your friends from school or Facebook, or people with a similar background or culture. You might have ideas about how we could strengthen our community together? 

Once we have gathered your ideas we will develop a Heart of Blyth plan which we will tell you more about in May.

This will be presented along with 11 other areas in England to national judges at the Health Foundation in June. 

Five Local Authority applications will be selected in the summer.