Climate Change Action Plan 2021-23

The council is committed to tackling climate change. We've declared a ‘climate emergency’ - vowing to half our carbon footprint by 2025 and make the county carbon neutral by 2030. Read our full action plan for the next few years here.

We understand that addressing climate change needs to be acted on urgently which is why we have declared a climate emergency, and have set our goal to make Northumberland carbon neutral by 2030.

Climate change is a significant long-term challenge for the planet and for Northumberland. We are committed to taking action to reduce the impacts climate change will have on all our lives long into the future.

Since the publication of our Climate Commitment Action Plan 2020-21 in January last year, we have continued to work hard on this agenda and have made good progress against our plans, despite the upheaval caused by Covid-19.

Our key target of a net-zero Northumberland by 2030 still stands. Whilst our first Climate Commitment Action Plan set the foundations of our climate change programme, we are now able to publish more detailed plans for projects that will be delivered soon, together with a longer-term vision for net-zero.

Below is our latest Climate Change Action Plan that will cover 2021-23.

Download a PDF version of the Climate Change Action Plan 2021-23 here.

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