Empowering communities project

Empowering communities project

Welcome to the Northumberland Empowering Communities Project.

Northumberland County Council, in partnership with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, committed to supporting the employment of a Locality Coordinator in each of the five local area council areas (localities) until March 2021. The project aimed to use asset-based, community centred approaches to improving wellbeing and health in Northumberland. This followed wide stakeholder engagement within Northumberland and learning from programmes in other area. 

Using participatory methods and focusing on “what is strong rather than what is wrong”, the Locality Coordinators set to work mapping and mobilising knowledge, skills and time of individuals and the resources of community groups (“assets”), link people to those assets, and increase the control people have over their lives. 

COVID presented us with many unexpected challenges and the work of the Empowering Communities team often enabled us to meet these head on, in partnership with many of our colleagues old and new in the community – really supporting communities to stay safe and well. This led to significant partnership working, and shared approaches and action plans with community partners and residents, and now the development of a new service within the council – Northumberland Communities Together, where working together for our residents is at the heart of everything we do.

The Locality Coordinators are now embedded within teams and networks across the county and welcome any dialogue around improving lives and life chances with and in communities. 

Find out more about Northumberland Communites Together here

If you are interested in reading the evaluation from the Empowering Communities Project please contact us by emailing NCT@Northumberland.gov.uk