Council performance

Here you will find out about the council's performance management framework and corporate reporting arrangements.

Our corporate performance management arrangements include the corporate plan, service statements and a high-level performance framework.

The current corporate plan was approved by the County Council in February 2018 and sets out the Council's ambitions in the period up until 2021.  A series of service statements geared towards showing the role of  each service is implementing the plan has been prepared by service directors and heads of service in consultation with relevant portfolio holders.  Service statements will be updated as required and refreshed each year to reflect changes in the Council's medium term financial plan and annual  budget.

Current versions of the documents are available below: 
The State of Northumberland uses a basket of measures which reflects the outcome areas of the corporate plan. These measures, mainly from external sources, are updated annually and are geared towards commenting on Northumberland’s performance, not the council’s. Examples include life expectancy, gross domestic product and employment rate.  The most recent update was published in October 2016 and is linked below.

The work is currently being updated and  will be published in autumn 2018.
The Council uses three corporate scorecards which keep sight of a small number of activities that are important in terms of customer care and corporate standards; statutory and regulatory measures; and focused improvement areas.  Measures held in the corporate performance system are updated  as soon as new data is availble and the corporate scorecards are automatically updated to reflect the new data.  Links to the scorecards are below:
The council has developed a system that enables access to performance data via the website for anyone who might want to see it. Each corporate leader has identified a high-level performance framework as part of their service statement. These measures have been aligned by service, corporate plan priority, overview and scrutiny committee and cabinet portfolio.

It has been designed to be easy to use and can be accessed from PCs, tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices working on the council’s networks or via the internet. A link is below.
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