Local Sustainable Transport

also known as: Sustainable transport.

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Local Sustainable Transport Fund

Northumberland County Council have been successful in its bid for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and will be receiving £2.842 million from now until 2015 to deliver sustainable transport solutions.

During 2011 the Government announced the creation of a Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) to meet the key objectives of helping to create growth in the economy and to tackle climate change by cutting carbon emissions.  The LSTF allowed local authorities, outside of the London area, to bid for funding to support delivery of sustainable transport solutions that support economic growth.

During February 2012 the authority submitted a bid to the LSTF entitled ‘South East Northumberland Sustainable Transport to Work’.  This bid asked for £2.842m to deliver a package of measures to improve sustainable travel to access jobs and training opportunities in South East Northumberland.  The delivery of this package would help people access jobs and training, encourage sustainable commuting and create a low-carbon travel culture for future generations.

The objectives of the Northumberland LSTF bid are to:

  • Enable people to access a wider range of job opportunities improving connectivity and creating sustainable transport links to jobs and training.
  • Encourage sustainable commuting for people already in work by making it more attractive to use the bus, walk or cycle.  This will reduce traffic congestion and improve safety, health and air quality.
  • Create a low-carbon travel culture by giving people a better understanding of available travel options to increase travel horizons and sustainable commuting.

The package of measures within the Northumberland LSTF includes:

  • Welfare to Work – Targeting people who are claiming welfare benefits and seeking work.  Providing personalised Travel Planning and Travel Training to job seekers and expanding the existing Green Light to Work scheme.
  • Cycle to Work – Delivering infrastructure improvements to enhance the South East Northumberland cycle route network and provide cycle training and confidence to both job seekers and those already in employment.
  • Bus to Work – Improving and promoting the local bus services to improve access to major employment sites in Northumberland and to job opportunities in North Tyneside and beyond.  This package will also deliver bus infrastructure improvements and provide those entering employment a Through Ticketing Multimodal Smart Card containing credit to allow them to travel before they receive their first salary payment.
  • Behaviour Change – Maximising the benefits of the schemes through a targeted programme of marketing, education, engagement and travel planning.


The LSTF project is leading on the implementation of the LSTF project, however procurement opportunities for individual strands may arise as the project progresses.

Within the next year the following procurement opportunities may arise:

  • Car share website – joint procurement exercise with Tyne & Wear authorities
  • Scooter hire scheme to support job starters
  • Market research to understand motivations behind travel habits of target audience – joint procurement exercise with Tyne & Wear authorities
  • Possibly some marketing assistance for a campaign we are planning in February – again this may be a joint exercise with the Tyne & Wear authorities
  • Sustainable transport challenge


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