Pollution control - mobile crusher notification

also known as: Mobile Crusher, Part IIa, PartIIa, Permitted Plant, Relocation, Screening.

Notification of mobile permitted plant operating in Northumberland

Mobile Crusher Notification

Please contact us with the following information prior to operating a mobile crusher within Northumberland, if you do not hold an Environmental Permit issued by Northumberland County Council.

  • Operator (your company name)
  • Head Office / Base Address
  • Telephone
  • E-mail
  • Dates of operation (approximate start and end dates)
  • Location (try to be as precise a possible)
  • Local Authority who issued your permit (this should be clear on your permit)
  • Permit reference number (this should also be clear on your permit)

Email: ehadmin@northumberland.gov.uk
Tel: 01670 623870
Fax: 01670 626059