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Statutory Maintenance, Testing & Inspection Service

This page provides information regarding the Statutory Maintenance, Testing and Inspection Service offered by Property Services to schools.

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Statutory Maintenance, Testing and Inspection Service


A wide range of Health and Safety legislation and guidance exists relating to the management and operation of property.  Each school has a duty to comply with this legislation and failure to do so may leave the Governors and Head Teacher liable to prosecution, which, in its severest form, may include corporate manslaughter charges.  It is therefore vitally important that each school has robust systems and procedures for the management of these issues.

Cramlington JLVProperty Services offers to arrange, on behalf of the school, all necessary statutory maintenance, testing and inspection as required for compliance with the law.  Each school has a duty to advise Property Services of the required statutory maintenance, tests and inspections necessary within the school.  Should a school not know what tests or inspections are required Property Services can arrange on behalf of the school a survey of all installations and advise the school of their legal requirements.  There will be a separate charge for this service.

Property Services will arrange, through external contractors, the implementation of a periodic testing, inspection and maintenance programme to satisfy health and safety and other statutory requirements and advise the school of anticipated budget commitments on the following (this list is subject to review as new legislation is introduced – not all elements are applicable within each school):

  • Air conditioning maintenance Boiler Maintenance
  • Automatic door servicing
  • Boiler (gas, coal, oil) servicing and flue cleaning
  • Dust extraction
  • Emergency lighting maintenance
  • Extract fan/canopy cleaning, testing and sterilising
  • Fire alarm maintenance
  • Fire fighting equipment testing (including sprinkler systems)
  • Fire hose reel maintenance
  • Fixed electric installation testing
  • Fume cupboard testing – portable and fixed
  • Gas installation (pipework) testing
  • Generator testing
  • Hoist testing
  • Intruder alarms (including access, burglar alarms and CCTV) maintenance Fire Alarm
  • Lift maintenance
  • Local Exhaust Vessel (fume extraction) testing
  • Oil line testing
  • Oil tank testing
  • Parker bath testing
  • Portable electrical equipment testing and inspection
  • Pressure vessel testing
  • Radon Testing
  • Sewage/water treatment and septic tank cleaning
  • Steam generator maintenance
  • Steam iron inspections
  • Uninterrupted electric power supply maintenance
  • Water hygiene inspection and monitoring
  • Display Energy Certificates

As part of this service, the external contractor will inform the school of any repairs or remedial works required to make the installations and/or equipment safe and operable.  Should a school wish to proceed with undertaking the identified repairs, and the school has signed up for the ‘Reactive Repair and Planned Maintenance Service’ option of this SLA, then schools should contact the Property Services Help Desk to arrange for the repairs to be progressed.  This separation of roles will prevent the opportunity for work creation.  However, urgent or specialist work advised as a result of the testing may be carried out at the time of the testing with agreement of the School.

Hareside Primary School, Cramlington
Copies of all test and inspection certificates will be digitally scanned by Property Services and uploaded on the intranet into the document management system ADOS.  Schools may access these certificates at any time via their own individual login and password; a particularly useful feature when requested by OfSTED Inspectors for copies of the latest test certificates


Schools opting out of this service will be required to conform to the Councils specification and standards for statutory testing and inspection, which will be issued to schools if they opt out.  The schools identified Responsible Person retains responsibility and accountability for the administration and management of all service contracts in compliance with statutory and County Council minimum standards.  The Responsible Person must ensure they have access to competent technical staff who will evaluate inspection reports on behalf of the school to identify works that are essential to keep buildings and equipment safe and in compliance with statutory health and safety and the Councils buildings insurance requirements.


Out of hours emergency cover is not included as part of this service.