Roadworks, Closures and Diversions

also known as: Diversions, land slips, Repairs, Streetworks.

Use this page to find out information about Roadworks, Road Closures and Diversions in Northumberland.

Northumberland County Council now publish weekly bulletins that will tell you every location where a road will be closed, or temporary traffic management will be utilised whilst undertaking essential maintenance works.

Unplanned emergency road closures

Sudden unplanned emergency road closures that are due to bad weather (snow, ice, flooding etc) are displayed on our Alerts and Reminders page and on our homepage.

Planned Maintenance - Roads

Severe Weather fund - allocation of £2.7million

Northumberland County Council has spelt out how it will spend £2.7m in government funding to help with highways repair.

It follows the announcement in March by the Department for Transport of additional funding specifically to help authorities who have suffered severe flood damage to their local roads due to the extreme wet and windy weather over the last winter.

The council will spend £1.2m on repairs to six major structural sites:

  • Sparty Lea, near Allenheads
  • Hexham Tyne Bridge
  • C324 at Eals
  • Amble Promenade
  • two public rights of way structures in the West Allen Valley

The rest of the programme will be spent on the following types of work:

  • road micro surfacing within residential streets and surface dressing for rural roads to improve long term resilience
  • machine patching of strategic routes providing a permanent repair or an intermediate repair to complement our current three year programme
  • resurfacing of unclassified roads, both residential and rural, to reduce ongoing maintenance liabilities
  • drainage repairs to improve the reliability and resilience of our roads in future.

This work will be targeted at areas of most need and willbe allocated across our three operational areas with the overall amounts based on road valuation. We will spend the £0.6m in the north, £0.5m in the west and £0.4m in the south east.

The Council has been allocated a total of £2,736,241. A large proportion of this is based on formula with a smaller proportion based on a bid to address the severe damage we have seen to roads, bridges and structures across the county.

The programme that we have developed will ensure that we deliver best value solutions, alongside existing planned expenditure to undertake the various structural repairs that are required. These repairs are in addition to current planned works and the already approved additional revenue funding for the backlog of pothole repairs.

We are also preparing a bid in to the £168m Pothole Fund for Highway Maintenance, for which the details were announced on the 25 April. A successful bid to this fund will complement the other plans we have and enable us to make a significant improvement to our network following the severe weather we have suffered over the past few years.

Barry Rowland, Executive Director of Place at Northumberland County Council said:

"This additional funding is very welcome, and confirms the need for funding that we have demonstrated in our bids to Government."

"It will enable the council to accelerate its work to repair roads and structures which have been badly affected by extreme weather.

"Like many local authorities we are having to deal with the deterioration of highways due to unusually wet weather which has caused tidal surges, high river levels and surface water damage. This deterioration is compounded by long term underinvestment in our highways, which we continue to lobby the Government about.

"The funding will allow works on roads, bridges and other structures, as well as repairs to landslips. A programme of work has been developed to address six major sites and this will be complemented by other works to improve the resilience of all our roads. We will be starting to roll this out at the earliest opportunity.

"Like many authorities we have a backlog of repairs throughout the county and are concerned about increased deterioration rates. The council has therefore written to Patrick McLoughlin MP, the Secretary of State for Transport, to describe the challenges we face and seek his continued support and assistance in securing additional funds."

Latest planned roadworks

If you would like to find out further information regarding any forward-planned Roadworks on the Northumberland County Council Highways Network then please click on any of the following links.

Road closures/restrictions

Clicking on the location name will show you a more detailed page of information that includes a map showing the proposed diversion around the road closure.

If you need further details about any closure, the member of staff to contact is shown at the very bottom of the main list.

Requesting a road closure

Road Closed Sign

All costs involved for both the closure and diversion signing will have to be met by the person requesting the closure.

As there is a legal and consultative process to be undertaken, at least 6 weeks notice of closure is required.

A request for a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order should be submitted to the Northumberland County Council Streetworks Team using the documentation below.

You can email or fax the application using the details below.
Fax Number: 01670 534142

How to contact us

5Report a pothole or road maintenance problem
  • If you have any problems or enquiries regarding streetworks or delays on the roads then please email
  • Alternatively you can telephone us on: 0345 600 6400 
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