Budget updates

also known as: Council budgets.

This page contains the latest information about the 2014/15 budget.

Budget process

The policy board at Northumberland County Council has now approved recommendations to consult on a set of proposals on the budget.

The medium term financial plan sets out the council’s finances for the next five years and also recommends a budget for 2014/15.

The recommendations include a number of budget reductions which are needed to set a balanced budget.

Grant Davey, Leader of Northumberland County Council said: “The public sector is still facing major financial challenges and in Northumberland we are going to face significant efficiency savings in the coming years. We now know that in the next financial year we will need to save around £32.5m.

“Government policy means that over the next four years we will need to save more than £130m from the council’s budget which presents us with huge challenges. There’s no doubt that the decisions the government has made will have a real impact on people living in Northumberland.

“In making these savings we’re determined to protect front line services to the public as best we can and continue to invest in Northumberland and the local economy. We are working hard to come up with innovative solutions before presenting our final budget in February.

“We’re putting the final touches to the proposed budget but it’s clear that the government have placed a financial straightjacket on Northumberland County Council.

“We think that local people will see a below inflation rise in council tax as reasonable but we’re conscious that families across the county are finding it tough. We’ll be developing a cost of living package to help our residents and show everyone in Northumberland that this council is on their side”.

The financial future

The plan estimates that Northumberland will need to make savings of more than £130m between 2014-2018, of which £32.5m will come in the next financial year.

These savings are higher than originally expected following the Government’s 2013 Budget and other national spending decisions announced earlier in the year.

The level of savings may increase further in the long term because some of the projections are based on provisional figures by the government which could still change after the next general election.

The recommendations include:

  • Budget reductions of £130 million over the period 2014-2018, including £32.5 million in 2014-15.
  • The below-inflation council tax increase of 1.99%.
  • A schedule of potential budget reductions from across the council.

Further information


The proposals were shared at a series of local area committee meetings, and the budget proposals and a survey made available on the council's website to inform and capture the views of residents and service users. The council is now currently considering the plans and the results of the public consultation in more detail.

Consultation on the 2014/15 budget has now ended.  The results of the consultation can be accessed here.

Next steps

Following a meeting of full council on the 18 February 2014, the budget for 2014/15 was formally set by the sixty seven elected members of the council. Officers will now be working to implement the changes outlined in the 2014/15 budget.