Water supply testing

Private Water supply testing

Private Water Supplies

A private water supply is one not provided by a water supplier (such as Northumbrian Water Ltd.) and may come from a source such as; a well, borehole, spring, stream, river, lake or pond. The supply may serve only one property or several but in either case it is essential the supply be well maintained to minimise any risk to human health.

While mains supplied water is treated to remove possible contamination most private water supplies are untreated.

Within Northumberland there are over 1000 private water supplies. There is a great range in the type of supply and the number of outlets connected to it. Around 40% of supplies serve only one property, 40% serve more than one and 20% serve a commercial activity, such as a pub, hotel or B&B.

What should you do to keep your water supply safe?

The first thing is to get some details on your private water supply such as…

Who is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance?

  • Where is the source?
  • How does it get to your property?
  • Is there any treatment?
  • If it is treated is the equipment in good order and serviced regularly.

Should you get your supply checked?

The Council may monitor the supply for chemical and bacterial quality under the Private Water Supplies Regulations 2009, the number of consumers and use the water is put to (is the supply just for domestic purposes or for a commercial use) will affect how often it is tested.

If you think your supply is not up to the standard that it should be then you can have it tested yourself at a private laboratory or request the Public Protection service to test it for you. Please note that both of these options would incur a charge, which will vary depending on the analysis carried out. However, if you have a concern that the supply may be affecting your health, the investigation of your complaint and any associated water sampling would not normally incur a charge from the Council.

The charges the Council will make for work associated with a Private Water Supply are shown in the leaflet on this page.

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