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Find out about Music Partnership North, the services we provide and how to contact us.

What is Music Partnership North - Northumberland?

Music Partnership North - Northumberland is the Music Education Hub in Northumberland.

Our aims are:

  • To provide a wide range of high quality musical activities for all children and young people, including those in challenging circumstances
  • To support and develop progression routes for all students to enable them to achieve their full potential
  • To be a progressive music delivery provider, working with local communities and educational establishments to support and enrich musical opportunities for all
  • To provide continuing professional development and training to both school based and Music Partnership North staff to ensure consistent standards of access are achieved
  • To be committed to the support of musical activities in early years settings
  • To support the aims of The Importance of Music: A National Plan for Music Education, ensuring that every child aged 5-18 years:
    • has the opportunity to sing and learn a musical instrument
    • has the opportunity to perform as part of an ensemble or choir
    • has the opportunity to progress and take their talent to the next level

What are music hubs?

122 music hubs have been set up across England to support and enhance high quality music education for children and young people.

Through a competitive bidding process to Arts Council England, music education hubs have been allocated a music education grant to be used to help achieve the aims of the National Plan for Music Education.

In Northumberland, we are part of the Music Partnership North hub. This is a partnership between:

  • Northumberland County Council Music Service
  • Newcastle City Council Music Service
  • Sage Gateshead
  • Newcastle College.

Working with these partners will enable us to provide a wider range of high quality opportunities for our students.

There will be times when we work on activities specifically for Northumberland. When this happens, our work will be identified as Music Partnership North – Northumberland.

The Music Education Hubs will support and enhance music provision in line with the aims of The Importance of Music: A National Plan for Music Education (NPME).

What does Music Partnership North do?

We provide:

1. Musical activities and tuition

We provide a wide range of musical activities for children and young people to enjoy both in and out of school. This includes instrumental tuition in small groups and whole class situations, music workshops and a large number of ensembles and bands in a mix of styles and genres and for a range of ability. Our tutors work across the county with a broad experience of different styles of music and instrumental specialisms between them.

So no matter what your ability and your tastes in music – from traditional Northumbrian to rock and pop, we should be able to cater for you!

2. Curriculum support

A key part of our work involves working with schools and early years’ providers to support them as they develop, plan and deliver the music curriculum. With the launch of The Importance of Music, a National Plan for Music Education (NPME), schools have the flexibility to decide what their music curriculum looks like. We also support schools to design and develop their curriculum and school music policy. Click here for more information.

3. Service Level Agreement with schools

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines the range of offers to support schools in achieving the aims of the NPME. Schools can access the Music Education Grant through this SLA. For more information, please contact your Designated Link Officer.

Key contacts for enquiries:

General enquiries

Lesley Scott
01670 624045
Email: Lesley.Scott@northumberland.gov.uk

County Hall
NE61 2EF

Enquiries from schools - Designated Link Officers

Each school partnership has a designated link officer.

The Designated Link Officers for each partnership are as follows:

Who’s who in MPN - Northumberland?

Tel: 01670 624044

Email: Kathryn.Walker@northumberland.gov.uk

Special responsibility for curriculum, early years, SEND, percussion and singing

Tel: 01670 624040

Email: Jacqueline.Craig@northumberland.gov.uk

Special responsibility for ensembles, strings, guitar and examinations

Tel: 01670 624047

Email: Richard.Johnstone@northumberland.gov.uk

Special responsibility for traditional music development and woodwind

Tel: 01670 620525

Email: David.Francis@northumberland.gov.uk

Special responsilbility for tuition and percussion

Tel: 01670 624045

Email: Lesley.Scott@northumberland.gov.uk

Special responsibility for finance and personnel

Tel: 01670 624039

Email: Fiona.Johnstone@northumberland.gov.uk

Special responsibility for educational visits, ensembles, external partnerships and data

Tel: 01670 624046

Email: Jennifer.Butson@northumberland.gov.uk

Special responsibility for instruments (Wednesday – Friday)

Tel: 01670 624046

Email: Rachel.Robbins@northumberland.gov.uk

Special responsibility for instruments (Monday – Tuesday)

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