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Northumberland Knowledge

also known as: Research, Statistics.

Welcome to Northumberland Knowledge.

This website presents a wealth of information and intelligence about the resident population, the places where they live and the key social and economic themes that they form. The aim is to bring together all the latest, available data and research in a convenient and accessible way to inform decision making, policy forming and service delivery in Northumberland.

themeThe THEMES section allows you to access information by the following topics: Population, Health, Business and Economy, Housing and Quality of Place and Community Well-being.

PlaceThe PLACES section provides statistics for a range of geographies including localities, wards, and parishes.

PeopleThe PEOPLE section provides statistics on Northumberland's population including demographics, data from the Census, resident insight and customer profiles.

Latest Updates and Key Documents

Open data is also available for Northumberland. This data is made available by organisations, businesses and individuals for anyone to access, use and share, and it covers a range of topics.

For further assistance please go to the Know Guides page or visit the Help page. For queries and comments, email