Recycling Posters and Resources

Recycling posters and resources to support Northumberland schools to setting up effective and sustainable recycling schemes.

Index of information on this page

Many of the posters on this page are provided by Recycle Now. To find out about terms of use, please click here to view their website. Recycle Now suggest that the posters are printed to A3.

The Recycle Now posters on this page can also be found on the Recycle Now Schools webpage, along with more designs.

The Recycle Now website includes many more useful resources for schools on recycling and composting.

What can we recycle at home and at school?

Please click on the link below to download a recycling bin poster which can be saved to your computer or printed for use around school. This poster shows the different things that all Northumberland householders can recycle in their kerbside recycling bins and also any schools with a recycling collection picked up by Northumberland County Council or SITA UK. You might also like to print and laminate this list to stick onto your outdoor recycling bins.

Recycle Now posters- Why Recycle?

Please click here for more posters from Recycle Now.

Recycle Now posters- general reminder posters 

Recycle Now posters - materials

The posters below and more like them can also be found on the Recycle Now schools page.

Please note that some of the designs that you may use from the Recycle Now website may not show accurate information for what can be recycled in your particular school recycling scheme and will need to be adapted to show the correct materials. Materials that can be collected for recycling varies nationally and even within the North East of England. Please be careful to promote the correct materials for recycling in your school.

The posters below have been selected as the ones that are most likely to be useful for your school.

Please click here to see more designs on the Recycle Now website (please remember that many will need to be adapted)

Glass recycling loop poster from British Glass

Resources from Keep Britain Tidy and the Marine Conservation Society

Compost posters and resources from Recycle Now

Please click on the links below for a selection of helpful materials for schools

Reusing furniture and equipment in schools

National and international waste and environmental awareness dates

Are you running an environmental event in school or with your local community group?

How about linking your event to a national or international awareness campaign?

Here are some ideas:

Waste less live more week

Waste less live more week: 17th- 23rd Sept 2012

The Pod Waste Week (Schools)

The next Pod Waste Week is 11-17th March 2013.

Sign up will open in Autumn 2012. Sign up early to get a free campaign pack. You may need to register to the Pod first. Please click here for more.

The Pod Switch off Fortnight (Schools)

The next Pod Switch off fortnight will run from 19th November - 2nd December 2012

Click here to find out more

Click here for The Pod Year Planner

Click here to find out what The Pod is all about

Climate Change Week: 4th - 10th March 2013

Please click here

International compost awareness week- 6th - 12th May 2013

National Recycle Week

Click here to take a look at what happened during the Recycle Week in June 2012.

or link to a national waste scheme such as

Keep Britain Tidy Campaigns, and The Big Tidy Up

Websites on waste/recycling and other environmental topics

Waste and recycling:

Please click on the link above to find out about the new House of Objects scrap store and creative recycling centre at the Rising Sun Country Park, including directions and joining information.

Links to litter campaigns:

Links for school environmental/community projects:

Climate Change websites


Walking to school:

Saving water:

Outdoor education:

Coastal/Marine links:

Eco-friendly/recycled materials and swap shops:

Learning from other schools and community groups