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Northumberland strategic partnership

This page gives you information about the Northumberland Strategic Partnership (NSP).


NSP is not currently active, as the Leadership Board and other related groups are not currently meeting.
This website is therefore not being updated but historical information is still available to view.
If you have any queries please contact Helyn Douglas on 01670 620307 or

What is the Northumberland Strategic Partnership (NSP)?

The Northumberland Strategic Partnership (NSP) is the Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) for the county.  It brings together organisations with an interest in Northumberland to work in partnership. 

Role of NSP

Its purpose is to co-ordinate the contribution that each organisation can make to improving the quality of life in the county.  This means fully considering the economic, social and environmental needs and aspirations of all our communities.

NSP's Vision

Our vision is that we work together to release the strength of all our communities so that by 2021 everyone in Northumberland has the same life opportunities, is broadly satisfied with the quality of their lives, and is able to influence decisions that affect them.


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