Traffic Safety Schemes

The following are a list of Traffic Safety Schemes introduced throughout the County since January 2014. Scheme drawings are accessed by clicking on the location below.


Road  Location  USRN  Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)  TRO Start Date
B6320 Otterburn Mill Bridge 41321572 18 Tonnes Weight Restriction  
B6529 Market Place, Corbridge 41302567 No Waiting At Any Time Restrictions  
U8260 Blackett Cottages, Wylam 41302146 Parking Zone & No Waiting Restrictions 27/01/2014
U6067 Coopies Lane, Morpeth 06201529 Waiting & Loading Restrictions 27/01/2014
U9570 St Wilfrid's School Back Claremont Terrace, Blyth 03219110 School Keep Clear Road Markings & No Waiting At Any Time Restrictions 27/01/2014
U6109 Wansbeck Street, Morpeth 06202978 Resident Permit Parking Only 27/01/2014
A193 & B1329 Rotary Way & Links Road, Blyth 03205539 & 03200061 Toucan Crossings  
U9520 Amersham Road, Blyth 03205517 Conversion of Zebra to Puffin Crossing  
U6517 Fairfield Drive, Ashington 42005248 Puffin Crossing  
B1334 Spittal Farm, Newbiggin by the Sea 42004497 Toucan Crossing  
U6721 The Square, Guide Post 42001633  Extension of Existing Parking Restrictions   
C390 Swarland 00418082 30mph Speed Limit Extension 02/12/2013
C127 Longhirst Village 06205689 30mph Speed Limit Extension 02/12/2013
B6320 & C199 Bellingham 41321161 & 41321934 30mph Speed Limit Extension 02/12/2013
A193 & U9709 Bebside / Hathery Lane Junction, Blyth 03202209 & 03205907 30mph Speed Limit Extension 02/12/2013
A695 Farnley 41321128 40mph Speed Limit 02/12/2013
A1068 Hartford Bridge 42005775 40mph Speed Limit 02/12/2013
C272 & C273 Broomley Village, Stocksfield 41321228 & 41321229 30mph Speed Limit 02/12/2013
B6306 Gallows Bank, Hexham 41300896 Proposed No Waiting At Any Time Restrictions 31/03/2014
B1326 Station Road, Cramlington 03203491 Proposed No Waiting & Resident Permit Holder Only Parking  
Various Streets

Various Streets Ashington

Plan 1

Plan 2

Various Resident Permit Parking Zones  
U6110 Newmarket, Morpeth 06204586 Proposed Limited Waiting Parking Bays  
U3146 Alnwick Market Place 00404832 Restricted Parking Zone  
Various Streets Various Streets Seaton Sluice Various Proposed No Waiting At Any Time Restrictions 16/06/2014