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How to Renew Library Items

also known as: renew my audiobooks, renew my books, renew my CDs, renew my children's items, renew my DVDs, renew my items.

Find out how you can renew library items online, in person or by telephone.

Renewing Library Items Online

It's quick and easy to renew your items online  - just follow the instructions below.

1. Click here to renew your items. 

2. Enter the 14 digit number on the back of your library card and your library PIN number.  Then click on the red box 'list charged items'.  If you do not have a PIN or have lost it please click here.

3. Tick the box next to the item that you want to renew, or tick 'renew all' if you want to renew all of your items. This is situated at the top above all listed items.

4. Click 'Renew Selected Items' in the red box.

5. You will be shown a ‘your item was renewed’ confirmation screen with a new return date for your item.  This can be written on the date label in the front of your book.

Books can be renewed up to 5 times online, to renew after the 5th time books must be brought into the library.

If a book has a request waiting, it will not be possible to renew online.

For step by step instructions click here to download a helpsheet.

Renewing by Telephone

You can renew your items by telephoning 01670 50 50 16.

Please note that this is an automated system and you will need your library card number.

If you prefer you can telephone any Northumberland Library during normal library opening hours and renew your items.

Renewing in Person

Library staff can renew your items when you visit the library. You do not even have to bring in your item to be renewed.

Please note library staff can only renew items they have not seen 5 times. If you require it to be renewed more than this you will need to bring the item in to get renewed.


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