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Tyne Green is located on the south bank of the River Tyne, just off the A69 on the road into Hexham. Tyne Green has a long history associated with Hexham Town. The land was presented to the Hexham Local Board of Health 1887 by Wentworth Blackett Beaumont of Dilston Castle (later Lord Allendale) in commemoration of Queen Victoria's Jubilee, for the leisure and benefit of the local people. It was set out with public walks between avenues of trees and became very popular with the people of Hexham.

The facilities have expanded over the years to include golf course and club house, play area and watersports centre. Tyne Green was designated a country park in 1982 through the then Countryside Commission. The park covers a 19 hectare site which includes the golf course and greens to the west of the railway tracks, and also to the east of the main site accessed via a walkway under the road bridge.

The river and riverside land provide wildlife habitats. The River Tyne is a great place for over wintering birds like Goosander, Goldeneye and Teal. Outside agencies that have links with Tyne Green are the Tyne Rivers Trust, Environment Agency, Northumbrian Water, please see below for the various sporting clubs that are based at the site. There is no visitor centre as such, but there are public toilets on site, Cafe Enna at Tynedale Golf Club is open to the public for meals, snacks and refreshments and information on events and club activities is available in the noticeboard and on this website.

Public transport

To find out how to get there by public transport view bus company information here

Car parking

It is free to park in the Tyne Green car park. You are advised not to leave any valuables in your car. No overnight camping is allowed, except in specific circumstances as part of a larger organised event such as the regatta or Tyne Tour canoe event.

Visitors are respectfully asked to keep their cars within the outlined car-parking areas and not to drive on the green itself.

Latest events at Tyne Green country park

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Sports on Tyne Green

There are several sporting clubs based at Tyne Green:

For more information on their activities, please visit their websites via the links provided. In addition to these clubs, Tyne Tour is held here each November

Fishing permits are available from the Tourist Information Centre in Hexham, for more information click here

Children's play area

There is a large and recently redesigned children's play area in the central part of Tyne Green Country Park. It was opened formally in the spring of 2011 and has since been well used by the younger visitors to the park. This area is managed and owned by Hexham Town Council

Safety information

The river Tyne is a wide, fast and in places, deep river. Swimming in the river is not advised unless it is as part of an organised group of experienced swimmers. Throw lines and lifebelts are located at intervals along the riverside. PLEASE DO NOT try to walk along the weir.

Contact information

All organised events must be booked with Northumberland County Council's Green Spaces Officer, to prevent clashes and to regulate the activities provided. There is not necessarily a charge attached to this.

For more details:

Telephone: 0345 600 6400