Bus stops & shelters

Bus stops & shelters

Here you will find information about bus stops and shelters in Northumberland.

Bus stops

In this section you will find information on how to report damage to a bus stop or request a new one.

Reporting damage to bus stops
To report a damaged or a dangerous bus stop, or one that has been involved in an accident, click here to report a damaged bus stop or phone 0345 600 6400.
Requests for new bus stops
If you wish to propose a new site for a bus stop, please contact:

Bus shelters

This section provides information about requesting a new bus shelter and finding out about existing ones.

Requests for new bus shelters
Members of the public wanting to request a bus shelter in their area should contact their parish or town council. Parish and town councils wanting to build a new shelter, or to move an existing shelter, should contact the project planning team before arranging any work as the highway authority must agree to the plans.
Enquiries about existing bus shelters in rural Northumberland
In areas with a town or parish council, they are the responsible body for maintaining bus shelters and all queries should be directed to the relevant clerk.