As a public funded organisation, Northumberland County Council has a duty to the residents that it serves to be transparent in how council tax money is spent and its business operations and outcomes. As a result, the following pages to provide you with the opportunity to view a range of information.

Spending and Procurement

  • Current Contracts: A list of contracts that have been awarded by the Council. Publishing our contracts allows businesses to plan ahead and enables them to be ready to place a bid when the contract is up for tender.  The register lists all contracts, commissioned activity, purchase orders, framework agreements and other legally enforceable agreements, including waste collection contracts, that exceed £5,000. It is updated quarterly. Publication of this information forms part of our commitment to being open and transparent with residents.  Please click here to view Contract Award Data.  All opportunities above threshold as per Standing Orders with Northumberland County Council are published through Pro Contract. Please click here for details.
  • Waste Contracts Details of existing waste collection contracts.  
  • Supplier Payments : Monthly details of supplier payments over £499.99 from December 2010 to August 2012, then over £249.99 thereafter (excluding VAT).
  • Government procurement card transactions:  We do not use a government procurement card.
  • Grants to voluntary, community and social enterprises: This register includes grants to voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations.  2014/15 information will be published on 01/05/2015. 

Organisational Information

  • Senior Management Salaries and Organisation Chart: Details of all Senior Managers Salaries (Head of Service and above) plus additional details of staff paid over £58,200 per annum including job descriptions. The page also includes the latest organisation chart, Council’s Pay Policy and details of the Council’s “pay multiple” – the ratio between the highest paid salary and the average salary of the whole of the Council’s workforce.
  • Trade union facility time: Details of the number of union representatives, including the names of trade unions and basic estimate of spending on them.  This is currently showing the full time officials only and we are currently working with the unions to provide the part time representatives data.
  • Pay policy and pay multiple: The Localism Act 2011 requires the County Council to prepare and publish a pay policy statement. The purpose of such a statement is to articulate the Council’s policies towards a range of issues relating to the pay of its workforce, particularly its senior staff and its lowest paid employees. The Council also wishes to ensure that it operates on the principles of equal pay for work of equal value, and also within the various other legislative requirements, including the Equality Act 2010.


  • Constitution of the Council: Northumberland County Council has agreed a new constitution which sets out how the Council operates, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the Council to choose.


  • Parking account: A breakdown of income and expenditure on the authority's on-street and off-street parking accounts.
  • Parking spaces: The number of marked out controlled on and off-street parking spaces.


Local Authority Land

We are committed to freeing up our data and want residents to be able to use the data that is held within this site free of charge from the following two open data sources:

Social Housing Asset Value

Details of the value of social housing stock that is held in the Housing Revenue Account

Local Government Transparency Code 2015

Publishing this information meets the requirements of the Local Government Transparency Code 2015.

Other Useful Transparency Information