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Music Scores

also known as: Libraries, Special Collections.

For a small fee sets of vocal scores can be borrowed from your library. Choose from hundreds of different scores.

Musical Scores
Musical Scores
Musical Scores
Musical Scores
Musical Scores
Musical Scores

The library service holds a collection of vocal scores. These are an excellent resource for Northumberland choirs and choral societies, covering classical and light opera, musical theatre and classical choral works.

Fees & Charges

Fees and charges to hire musical sets in stock in Northumberland:

0-50 copies: £5.00

51-100 copies: £10.00

101-150 copies: £15.00

151-200 copies: £20.00

Fees & Charges

Fees to hire musical sets from other authorities through the Inter Library Loan Scheme:

0-50 copies: £10.00

51-100 copies: £20.00

101-150 copies: £30.00

151-200 copies: £40.00

What the Collection Contains

The list below is everything that the collection contains. If you are looking for a specific score, you can press the Ctrl key and F key on your keyboard at the same time to search for a play. Click here to download a PDF list of scores.

For enquiries from Northumberland Library customers, please contact your local library.

For enquiries from other library authorities please contact the Business Support Team on 01670 622396 or 622399 or e-mail or  





Adams, S Holy City Boosey and Hawkes 19
Adler, R Pajama game Frank Music 37
  Anthems for choirs 1 Jackson/OUP 38
  Apple tree (Christmas music from the Cambridge hymnal) CUP 5
Arne, T Libera me Novello 10
Arnold, Malcolm John Clare cantata Patersons 28
Arnold, Samuel School and crossbones  OUP 20
Bach, J S Christmas oratorio Novello 54
Bach, J S Come redeemer Novello 43
Bach, J S Four seasons Patersons 29
Bach, J S Gavotte for Bach Sam Fox 46
Bach, J S Jesus, my great pleasure (Motet III) Peters 38
Bach, J S Lobet den herren, alle heiden (BLOV 230) OUP 35
Bach, J S O praise the Lord Novello 13
Bach, J S Passion of our Lord according to St John (English Words) Novello 15
Bach, J S Passion of our Lord according to St John (German Words) Peters 28
Bach, J S Passion of our Lord according to St Luke Paterson 10
Bach, J S Passion of our Lord according to St Matthew (German Words) Peters 23
Bart, L Oliver Lakeview 26
Beethoven, L Mass in C Novello 18
  Beggars Opera Hinrichsen 24
Benatzky, R White Horse Inn Chappell 20
Bendall, W Lady of Shalott Novello 5
Berlin, I Call me madam Berlin 17
Berlin, I Annie get your gun Berlin 26
Berlioz, H Childhood of Christ Novello 15
  Best music hall and variety songs Gammond/Wolfe 15
Blake, H New national song book Lengnick 30
Bliss, A Tobias and the angel Novello 20
Bock, J Fiddler on the roof HLP 35
Boyce, W Blessing and glory Lawson-Gould 10
Boyle, R Augustine Chester 20
Brahms, J German requiem Peters 38
Brahms, J Ein Deutsches requiem Peters 26
Britten, B Ceremony of carols     SSA Boosey and Hawkes 28
Britten, B Ceremony of carols     SATB Boosey and Hawkes 41
Britten, B Ceremony of carols     SSA                                                                        Paperback Shorteney 46
Britten, B                                        Five flower songs Boosey and Hawkes 30
Britten, B Hymn to St Cecilia Boosey and Hawkes 28
Britten, B Hymn of St Columba Boosey and Hawkes 20
Britten, B Little sweep Boosey and Hawkes 33
Britten, B Noye’s fludde Boosey and Hawkes 4
Britten, B Rejoice in the lamb Boosey and Hawkes 40
Britten, B Saint Nicolas Boosey and Hawkes 42
Britten, B War requiem Boosey and Hawkes 4
Bruckner, A Two Marian compositions Peters 15
Bush, G Christmas cantata Novello 17
Buxtehude, Dietrich Little newborn Jesus child Lawson-Gould 40
  Carols for choirs 1  Jacques & Willcocks/OUP 211
  Carols for choirs 2 OUP 56
  Carols for choirs 3 OUP 151
  Carols for choirs 4 OUP 39
  Carols in concert  D Cashmore/Novello 5
  Carols old and new  Malcolm Archer/Mayhew 30
Carter, A Benedicite Oxford 30
Cartwright, K Christmas jazz Boosey and Hawkes 19
Cartwright, K Harvest jazz Boosey and Hawkes 25
Cartwright, K Resurrection jazz Boosey and Hawkes 19
Casey, W Grease Edwin and Morris 8
Chappell, H Christmas jazz Clarabella 46
Charpentier, M A Filius prodigus OUP 43
Charpentier, M A Messe de minuit Henry Lemoine 12
Charpentier, M A Te deum Constallat 14
Coleridge-Taylor, S Hiawatha’s wedding feast Novello 49
Concone, J 40 lessons bass or baritone Augeners 5
Concone, J 50 lessons Augeners 4
Dale, B J Before the paling of the stars Novello 9
Darke, H In the bleak midwinter (SATB with organ) S&B Carols 45
De Cormier, R Dance ti’ thy daddy Lawson and Gould 100
Debussy, C Trois chansons de Charles D’Orleans (French & English) Durant 21
Donati, I Alleluia haec dies (SATB) Faber 40
Dvorak, A At the foot of the cross Novello 23
Dvorak, A Mass in D Novello 78
Dvorak, A Summer song K Prowse 13
Dyson, G Four songs for sailors Novello 9
Dyson, G Three songs of praise Novello 3
  Easter carol book Schott 16
Elgar, E Dream of Gerontius Novello 1
Elgar, E Feasting I watch  Novello 31
Elgar, E Give unto the Lord Novello 30
Fain, Sammy Calamity Jane Warner Chappell 34
  Faith, Folk and Nativity Galliard 12
Faure, G  Cantique de Jean Racine Hamelle 14
Faure, G  Cantique de Jean Racine OUP 40
Faure, G Requiem Novello 112
Faure, G Requiem Hamelle 50
Faure, G Requiem United music 4
Ferguson, Barry Aubade Novello 21
Finzi, Gerald Magnificat Boosey and Hawkes 45
Finzi, Gerlad Welcome sweet and sacred feast Boosey and Hawkes 25
Flanders, M & Horovitz, J Captain Noah and his floating zoo Novello  (SATB) 38
Gallina, Michael & Jill Lost in space Weiberger 17
Gardner, John Bel the dragon (opera for children) OUP 20
German, Edward Merrie England Chappell 28
German, Edward Merrie England (concert version choruses only) Chappell 3
German, Edward Tom Jones Chappell 25
Gershwin, George Porgy & Bess Chappell 8
Gibbs, C Armstrong A Saviour born OUP 37
Gluck, C W van Scenes from ‘Orpheus’ OUP 25
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 1 verse – vocal score Schott 1
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 1 verse – full score Schott 1
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 2a melodrama no 1 – full score Schott 5
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 2b man of life – vocal score Schott 1
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 3 basket-makers song – vocal score Schott 31
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 4 melodrama no 2 – full score Schott 5
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 5 o’ gracious God – vocal score Schott 31
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 6 burning babe – vocal score Schott 30
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 7 o’ blessed letters – vocal score Schott 1
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 8a little march – full score Schott 5
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 8b vertue – vocal score Schott 1
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 9 finale – vocal score Schott 30
Goehr, Alexander Virtutes : 9 finale – full score Schott 3
Gounod, C Messe  solenelle St Cecilia Novello 39
Grieg, E Choral suite Peters 8
Handel, G F Foundling hospital anthem Hinrichsen 11
Handel, G F Israel in Egypt Novello 4
Handel, G F Judas Macabaeus Novello 5
Handel, G F King shall rejoice Novello 40
Handel, G F Let thy hand be strengthened Novello  71
Handel, G F Messiah      Prout edition Novello 21
Handel, G F Messiah      Watkins Shaw edition Novello 72
Handel, G F My heart is inditing Novello 41
Hanmer, R Viva Mexico Weinberger 53
Hassall, C & Jacob, G Highways OUP 33
Hatch, Tony Rock nativity Weinberger 18
Haydn, Franz Joseph Creation Novello 114
Haydn, Franz Joseph Imperial mass Novello 12
Haydn, Franz Joseph Mass B – Latin text Peters  32
Haydn, Franz Joseph Te deum – vocal score OUP 2
Haydn, Franz Joseph Te deum – chorus & orchestra Latin & English OUP 17
Haydn, Franz Joseph Te deum laudamus Novello 33
Hazell, Chris Holy Moses Novello 24
Heneker, David Half a sixpence Chappell 18
Herbert, V Sweethearts Chappell 29
Herman, J Hello Dolly Edwin H Morris 27
Hess, Nigel Rats Chester 20
Hoddinott, A What the old man does is always right OUP 14
Hurd, M Adam – in - Eden Novello 20
Hurd, M Hip-hip-Horatio Novello 20
Hurd, M Jonah – man jazz Novello 20
Hurd, M Mr. Punch Novello 3
Hurd, M Mrs Beeton’s book Novello 29
Hurd, M Rooster rag Novello 19
Hurd, M Shepherd’s calendar Novello 30
Hurd, M Swingin’ Samson Novello 20
  Hymns and carols for Christmas OUP 18
  Invitation to madrigals 1 ( SAB) Stainer & Bell 9
  Invitation to madrigals 3 ( SSA) Stainer & Bell 39
  Invitation to medieval music 1 Stainer & Bell 20
Jacob, Gordon News from Newtown OUP 6
Jones, Roger David Christian music ministries 38
Jones, Roger From Pharaoh to freedom Nat. Christian Education Council 33
Kern, Jerome Show boat Chappell 36
Lambert, Constant Rio Grande OUP 25
Lassus, Orlandus Ten motets  Clive Wearing/OUP 39
Leaper, Kenneth Three Victorian scenes Chappell 20
Lehar, Franz Land of smiles Chappell 21
Lehar, Franz Merry widow Glocken Verlag 34
Leisy, James Scrooge Weinberger 14
Lennon, J & McCartney, P When I’m sixty four (SATB) Music sales 26
Loesser, Frank Guys and dolls Chappell 14
Loewe, Frederick Camelot Chappell 1
Loewe, Frederick Paint your wagon Chappell 21
Long, Robert Elements OUP 19
Long, Robert Fire Maid (opera for schools) OUP 43
Lovell, Percy Seven north country songs Appleton 30
McCartney, Paul Liverpool oratorio Faber 20
McDermot, Galt Hair United artists 3
  Malcolm Sargent carol book OUP 46
Maunder, J H Bethlehem Novello 39
Maunder, J H Olivet to Calvary Novello 33
Mendelssohn, F Elijah Novello 41
Monckton, Lionel Country girl Chappell 2
Monckton, Lionel Quaker girl Chappell 23
Monteverdi, Claudio Beatus vir Chappell 79
Monteverdi, Claudio Combattimento di tancredi e clorinda  Stevens/OUP 4
Monteverdi, Claudio Dixit dominus  Steele/Novello 35
Monteverdi, Claudio Lamento d’Arianna l:Lasciate mi morire (SSATB) Schott 19
Monteverdi, Claudio Lamento d’Arianna ll: O Teseo mio (SSATB) Schott 20
Monteverdi, Claudio Lamento d’Arianna lll: Dove e la fede (SSATB) Schott 20
Monteverdi, Claudio Lamento d’Arianna lV: Ahi che non pur risponde (SSATB) Schott 20
Moore, Harold Darkest hour Novello 34
Moore, Timothy Scrapyard OUP 19
Mozart, Wolfgang A Regina Coeli K108 Novello 60
Mozart, Wolfgang A Requiem (SATB)  Druce/Novello 1
Mozart, Wolfgang A Requiem mass (SATB) Latin Words Best/Novello 144
Mozart, Wolfgang A Te Deum Breitkopf 35
Mozart, Wolfgang A Twelfth mass Novello 20
Mozart, Wolfgang A Vesperae solennes de confessore K339 Kalmus/ Maitland 18
Mozart, Wolfgang A Vesperae solennes de confessore KV339 Breitkopf 6
  Music hall songbook EMI/Gammond 7
Novello, Ivor Dancing years Chappell 35
Offenbach, Jacques Orpheus in the underworld Weinberger 19
Offenbach, Jacques Tales of Hoffmann (English and French) Cramer 34
  Old MacDonald’s teatime jam Fentone 17
…………….. One hundred carols for choirs OUP 132
Orff, Carl Carmina Burana Schott 63
Owens, Jimmy & Carol Glory of Christmas Lexicon 25
Owens, Jimmy & Carol If my people Lexicon 22
  Oxford book of carols OUP 45
Palestrina, G Pierluigi Da Stabat mater Novello 21
Palmer, David Holy boy Emi 66
Parker, Jim / Stanier Tom Blast off! Mr Jones goes to Jupiter (for middle schools) Int Music Prod 39
Parr, Andrew / Gardiner Dracula spectacula Samuel French 18
Parry, C Hubert H Blest pair of sirens Novello 15
Parry, C.H.H Pied piper of Hamelin Novello 29
  Past three o’clock (Oxford descant series) OUP 19
Pattison, T Mee Sherwood’s Queen Curwen 27
Pergolesi, Giovanni Battista Magnificat Walton 40
Peterson, John W Born a king Good life 39
Peterson, John W Down from his glory Peterson 30
Peterson, John W Love transcending Good life/Peterson 27
Peterson, John W Night of miracles Marschall, Morgan & Scott 20
Peterson, John W No greater love Good life 21
Peterson, John W Sound of singing Singspiration 20
Porter, Cole Kiss me Kate Chappell/Harms 21
Posford, George Good-night Vienna Samuel French 2
Poulenc, F Gloria Salabert 39
Price, Beryl Shepherds and angels OUP 19
Puccini, Giacomo La Boheme Ricordi 18
Puccini, Giacomo Madam Butterfly Ricordi 21
Puccini, Giacomo Messa Di Gloria Mills and Ricordi 11
Puccini, Giacomo Messa Di Gloria Ricordi 56
Purcell, Henry Come ye sons of art Tippett/Bergman/Schott 35
Purcell, Henry Dido and Aeneas Novello 17
Purcell, Henry King Arthur Novello 20
Purcell, Henry I was glad Novello 28
Purcell, Henry The moon OUP 28
Purcell, Henry O sing unto the Lord a new song Novello 71
Purcell, Henry Te Deum laudamus and Jubilate deo in D Novello 60
Purcell, Henry Te Deum laudamus (In Latin) Novello 1
Ramirez, Ariel Misa Criolla Intersong Music 47
Redman, Reginald Three West Country idylls Novello 15
Rodgers, Richard Carousel Chappell 32
Rodgers, Richard South Pacific Williamson 21
Rodgers, Richard Sound of music Williamson 6
Romberg, Sigmund The desert song Chappell 30
Romberg, Sigmund The new moon Chappell 37
Romberg, Sigmund The student prince Chappell 3
Rutter, John Requiem OUP 49
Rutter, John Wind in the willows OUP 23
Rutter, John Opera choruses OUP 15
Scarlatti, Domenico Sixty sonatas Schirmer 4
Scheidt, Samuel Puer Natus and Surrexit christus Roberton 34
Schubert, Franz Mass in A Flat   46
Schubert, Franz Mass in B Flat Breitkopf 20
Schubert, Franz Mass in F Schirmer 52
Schutz, Heinrich The Christmas Story Schirmer 28
Schutz, Heinrich The Christmas Story (Chorus edition) Chappell 14
Schutz, Heinrich Der 100 Psalm Barenreiter 7
Schutz, Heinrich A German Requiem Schirmer 32
  Sing Nowell – 51 carols Novello 35
  The singing island Mills Music 7
Slade, Julian Free as air Francis, Day and Hunter 19
Smetana, Fredrick The bartered bride Boosey and Hawkes 23
Smith, Peter Faith, folk and clarity Galliard 29
Smith, Peter Faith, folk and festivity Galliard 20
  Songs from Shakespeare’s tragedies OUP 6
  Sponsus OUP 4
Stainer, J The Crucifixtion Novello 107
Strauss, Johann Die Fledermaus Weinberger 7
Strauss, Johann Tales of the Vienna Forest Boosey and Hawkes 57
Strauss, Johann Waltzes from Vienna Chappell 29
Strouse, C Annie Edwin H Morris 26
Sullivan, Arthur Cox and Box Savoy/Boosey and Hawkes 20
Sullivan, Arthur The Emerald Isle Chappell 22
Sullivan, Arthur The Gondoliers Chappell 21
Sullivan, Arthur Iolanthe Chappell 90
Sullivan, Arthur The Mikado Chappell 85
Sullivan, Arthur Pirates of Penzance Chappell 58
Sullivan, Arthur Ruddigore Chappell 2
Sullivan, Arthur The Sorcerer Cramer 5
Sullivan, Arthur Trial by Jury Chappell 44
Sullivan, Arthur Utopia Limited Chappell 32
Sullivan, Arthur The Yeoman of the Guard Chappell 38
Sullivan, Arthur The Yeoman of the Guard (Libretto) Chappell 1
  Twelve simple trios for pipes Cramer 10
  Twenty two airs for the treble pipe Cramer 6
  Twice sixteen (for female voices) Boosey and Hawkes 4
  Two chansons for the flute OUP 10
  Tyneside Songs Vol.1 J.G.Windows 3
  Tyneside Songster Frank Graham 9
  Ulverscroft large print song book (Revised edition) Ulverscroft 21
  Ulverscroft large print song book (Music edition) Ulverscroft 5
  Ulverscroft large print song book Ulverscroft 19
  University carol book EMI 24
Van Bree, J.B St Cecilia’s Day Novello 10
Vaughan Williams, R Benedicte OUP 78
Vaughan Williams, R Fantasia on Christmas Carols Stainer and Bell 80
Vaughan Williams, R Serenade to music OUP 28
Verdi, Giuseppe Aida Ricordi 9
Verdi, Giuseppe Il trovatore (An opera-4 parts) Ricordi 19
Verdi, Giuseppe Nabucco Ricordi 41
Verdi, Giuseppe Requiem Ricordi 21
Verdi, Giuseppe Stabat Mater Ricordi 20
Victoria, Tomas In Festo Natalis Domini Roberton 31
Victoria, Tomas O magnum mysterium Chester 26
Vivaldi, Antonio Gloria Ricordi 13
Warlock, Peter Benedicamus Domino Boosey and Hawkes 38
Warlock, Peter Bethlehem Down Boosey and Hawkes 40
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Cats Faber 38
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Jesus Christ Superstar Music sales/Leeds Music 30
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat Novello 8
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Joseph and the amazing technicolor dream coat Novello (Abridged edition) 7
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Meeting place Novello 39
Webber, Andrew Lloyd Requiem   23
Webber, Andrew Lloyd The Saviour: A meditation upon the birth of Christ Novello 53
Youmans, Vincent No No Nanette Chappell 4
  Youth Praise Book 1 Falcon Books 30
Zingarelli, Niccolo Christus Factus Est Roberton 36


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