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Play Scripts

For a small fee sets of plays can be borrowed by groups, from contemporary dramas to classics. Choose from hundreds of plays.

Play Scripts
The Weekend playset cover
Ghost Writer playset cover
Shakespeare Book Cover
Blood Brothers Book Cover
Ayckbourn playset cover

A collection of playsets and playscripts is kept at Morpeth Library. There are multiple copies of most texts, perfect for local drama groups or students. These books can be borrowed from any Northumberland Library.

Fees and Charges

To hire a drama set the fee is £1.00 per set if in stock in Northumberland.

The charge for drama sets from outside Northumberland is £7.50 per set.

What the Collection Contains

The list below is everything that the collection contains. If you are looking for a specific play, you can press the Ctrl key and F key on your keyboard at the same time to search for a play. Click here to download a PDF list of plays.

For any enquiries, please contact Morpeth Library by emailing or telephoning 01670 620390.




Number Held

Aeschylus Agamemnon Translated by MacNeice 2
Aeschylus Oresteian trilogy Penguin classics 2
Aeschylus Oresteian trilogy Allen & Unwin 2
Aeschylus Plays:- The Suppliants; The Persians; Seven against Thebes Everyman's library 2
  Prometheus bound and The Oresteia( Agamemnon, Allen & Unwin  
  Choephoroe, Eumenides)    
Aeschylus The lyrical dramas of Aeschylus (The Oresteia) Dent  
Addyman, Elizabeth The secret tent English Theatre Guild 6
Albee, Edward The American dream French 6
Albee, Edward The zoo story French 8
Albee, Edward Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? Penguin 6
Allen The prime of Miss Jean Brodie   12
Amberley, Simon Murder at the cottage English Theatre Guild 10
Anderson, Maxwell Winterset Heinemann 12
Anouilh, Jean Antigone Methuen 6
Anouilh, Jean Becket Methuen 16
Anouilh, Jean The collected plays volume 1 Methuen 1
Anouilh, Jean The collected plays volume 2 Methuen 1
Anouilh, Jean Dear Antoine Methuen 7
Anouilh, Jean Dinner with the family Methuen 5
Anouilh, Jean The lark French 8
Anouilh, Jean Number one French 2
Anouilh, Jean The rehearsal French 7
    Methuen 1
Anouilh, Jean Ring round the moon Methuen 12
Anouilh, Jean Traveller without luggage Methuen 1
Anouilh, Jean The waltz of the toreadors French 6
Arden, John Armstrong's last goodnight Methuen 15
Arden, John Left handed liberty Methuen 2
Arden, John Penguin plays :-Waters of Babylon; Live like pigs; Penguin 7
  The happy haven.    
Arden, John and D'arcy, Margaretta The business of good government Methuen 9
Arden, John and D'arcy, Margaretta The island of the mighty Methuen 1
Aristophanes Plays 1 O.U.P. 2
Aristophanes Plays 2 O.U.P. 2
Auden,W.H & Isherwood, C. Tha ascent of F6 Faber & Faber 5
Auden,W.H & Isherwood, C. The dog beneath the skin Faber & Faber 7
Auden,W.H & Isherwood, C. On the frontier Faber & Faber 3
Auty, Stewart Treasure Island : almost a pantomime. Playstage 10
Ayckbourn, Alan Absent friends French 6
Ayckbourn, Alan Absurd person singular French 11
Ayckbourn, Alan Bedroom farce French 7
Ayckbourn, Alan A chorus of disapproval Faber & Faber 6
Ayckbourn, Alan Confusions French 3
Ayckbourn, Alan Ernie's incredible illucinations French 7
Ayckbourn, Alan Henceforward Faber & Faber 5
Ayckbourn, Alan How the other half loves French 7
Ayckbourn, Alan Joking apart and 2 other plays (Just between ourselves & Chatto & Windus 6
  Ten times table)    
Ayckbourn, Alan Just between ourselves French 12
Ayckbourn, Alan Relatively speaking French 4
Ayckbourn, Alan Season's greetings French 1
Ayckbourn, Alan Sisterly feelings French 1
Ayckbourn, Alan Three plays (Absent friends; Absurd person singular; Bedroom farce) Vintage books 1
Barrie, J.M. Alice sit-by-the-fire Hodder & Stoughton 9
Beaumarchais The barber of Seville Temple dramatists 2
Becket, Samuel All that fall Faber & Faber 6
Becket, Samuel Come and go Calder & Boyars 3
Becket, Samuel Endgame Faber & Faber 4
Becket, Samuel Happy days Faber & Faber 6
Becket, Samuel Krapp's last tape and Embers Faber & Faber 7
Becket, Samuel Waiting for Godot Faber & Faber 7
    French 2
Behan, Brendan The hostage  Methuen 3
Benfield, Derek Off the hook Evans 10
Bennet, Alan Forty years on and other plays Faber & Faber 10
Bennet, Alan Getting on Faber & Faber 1
    French 8
Bennett, Alan The great adventure Methuen 1
Bennett, Alan Green forms French 4
Bennett, Alan Habeas corpus French 12
Bennett, Alan Objects of affection and other plays for television BBC 2
Bennett, Alan A private function Faber & Faber 8
Bennett, Alan What the public wants Frank Palmer 1
Bennett and Knoblock Milestones Methuen 14
Berkoff, Steven Kvetch & Acapulco Faber and Faber 5
Black, Angela The Nativity French 12
Bleasdale, Alan Boys from the blackstuff (studio scripts) Hutchinson 1
Bleasdale, Alan Having a ball Faber and Faber 3
Bloomfield, Robert Portrait of a murder French 7
Bolt, Robert Three plays (Flowering cherry; A man for all seasons; The tiger Mercury books 8
  and the horse.)    
Bolt, Robert A man for all seasons Heinemann 8
    French 1
Bolt, Robert State of revolution Heinemann 6
Bolt, Robert The thwarting of Baron Bolligrew Heinemann 6
Bond, Edward Bingo Eyre Methuen 7
Bond, Edward Early morning John Calder 7
Bond, Edward Lear Eyre Methuen 5
Bond, Edward Narrow road to the deep north Eyre Methuen 6
Bond, Edward Saved Eyre Methuen 7
Bond, Nelson Animal farm French 7
Brecht, Bertolt The life of Galileo Methuen 12
Brecht, Bertolt Plays Vol.1 (The caucasian chalk circle; The threepenny Methuen 6
  opera; The trial of Lucullus;The life of Galileo)    
Brittney, Lynn After the ball is over Playstage 7
Brittney, Lynn Ask the family Playstage 6
Brittney, Lynn A Christmas carol (adapted from Dickens) Playstage 12
Brittney, Lynn A different way to die Playstage 5
Brittney, Lynn Dig for the diggers Playstage 8
Brittney, Lynn The Haunted bookshop Playstage 10
Brittney, Lynn Have a nice day Playstage 6
Brittney, Lynn The home front (revue with sketches) Playstage 12
Brittney, Lynn The luvvies Playstage 9
Brittney, Lynn Mixed doubles Playstage 12
Brittney, Lynn Motivation Playstage 5
Brittney, Lynn Nostalgia Playstage 6
Brittney, Lynn Old actors never die, they merely lose the plot. Playstage 12
Brittney, Lynn A two way berth Playstage 5
Brittney, Lynn Unexpected item in the bagging area Playstage 6
Brown, Alan Babes in the wood French 1
Brown, Alan Cinderella French 6
Brown, Alisdair The Beauty of Buttermere or a maid betrayed   Heinemann 5
Burgoyne, Steve & Bowen, Jennie Jack and the beanstalk Playwrights network 14
Burton, Brian J. East Lynne or Lady Isabel's shame C. Combridge Ltd 6
Burton, Brian J. Sweeney Todd the barber C. Combridge Ltd 7
Campton, David The life and death of almost everybody French 6
Campton, David Now and then French 4
Carter, Margaret Puss in boots French 7
Carter, Margaret Snow White and the seven dwarfs French 4
Cary, Falkland L. & Weathers, Philip The proof of the poison French 11
Cary, Falkland L. & King, Philip An air for murder French 17
Cary, Falkland L. & King, Philip But once a year French 9
Chapman, John Oh, Clarence! English Theatre Guild 6
Chater-Robinson, Piers Peter Pan : A musical French 10
Chesterton, G.K. Magic Martin Secker 8
Clark, Eileen Dead end New Playwrights Network 1
Cooper, Giles Everything in the garden Evans plays 11
Cooper, Giles Out of the crocodile Evans plays 6
dr Blithe spirit French 13
Coward, Noel Cavalcade Heinemann 1
Coward, Noel Conversation piece Heinemann 1
Coward, Noel Easy virtue Ernest Benn Ltd 1
Coward, Noel Hayfever French 11
Coward, Noel Look after Lulu Heinemann 1
Coward, Noel Nude with a violin Heinemann 1
Coward, Noel Peace in our time French 12
Coward, Noel Play parade volume 1 (Cavalcade; Bitter sweet; The vortex; Heinemann 6
  Hayfever; Design for living;Private lives; Post mortem)    
Coward, Noel Second play parade (This year of grace; Words and music; Heinemann 9
  Operette; Conversation piece)    
Coward, Noel Play parade volume 3 (The Queen was in the parlour; I'll leave Heinemann 10
  it to you; The young idea; Sirocco; The rat trap; This was a    
  man; Home chat; The Marquise)    
Coward, Noel Play parade volume IV (We were dancing; The astonished Heinemann 2
  heart; Red peppers; Fumed oak; Shadow play; Ways and    
  means; Still life; Family album)    
Coward, Noel Play parade volume V (Pacific 1860; Peace in our time; Heinemann 2
  Relative values;Quadrille; Blithe spirit)    
Coward, Noel Play parade volume VI (Pont Valaine; South Sea bubble; Ace Heinemann 2
  of clubs; Nude with violin; Waiting in the wings    
Coward, Noel Present laughter Heinemann 7
Coward, Noel Private lives Heinemann 3
Coward, Noel Relative values Heinemann 1
Coward, Noel Suite in three keys (A song at twilight; Shadows of the    
  evening; Come into the garden Maud) Heinemann 1
Coward, Noel This happy breed French 10
Coward, Noel Tonight at 8:30 (We were dancing; The astonished heart; Heinemann 1
  Red peppers)    
Coward, Noel Waiting in the wings Heinemann 1
Cox, Constance Everyman French 10
Cregan, David and Hedley, Philip How we held the square Methuen 8
Crocker, John Sinbad the sailor Evans plays 5
Cumberlege, Vera G. Come and behold Him : A Nativity play O.U.P. 5
Dahl, Roald (adapted by Richard R. Burns) James and the giant peach Puffin 7
Daisenberger, J.A. The Passion play at Oberammergau Ernest Benn Ltd. 1
Dale, Adrian Murder behind the mask French 8
Dane, Clemence The collected plays of Clemence Dane.(Scandal at Coventry; Heinemann 1
  Granite; A bill of divorcement; Wild Decembers; Till time shall    
Dane, Clemence Will Shakespeare Heinemann 17
Davenport, David SS and WI sketches and plays (Jigsaw puzzle; The empty  Colin Venton 1
  tomb; Road signs; Christmas Eve; Safety.)    
Delaney, Shelagh A taste of honey Methuen 9
Delmar, Anton Don't utter a note Evans plays 8
Denham, Reginald and Orr, Mary Minor murder French 14
Dewhirst, Keith Lark Rise to Candleford Hutchinson 5
Dillon, Peter Grace Iron Press Drama 7
Dimitrijevic, Selma Night time NHB 1
Dodds, Ruth The pitman's pay Labour Publishing Co. 19
Donisthorpe, G. Sheila Children to bless you French 4
Donlevy, E. Harriet The woman who found a star French 12
Doran, Thomas A star light is come French 15
Eliot, T.S. The elder statesman Faber and Faber 4
Farquhar,George Beau stratagem Jim Dent & sons 1
Farquhar,George The recruiting officer New Mermaid 1
    Edward Arnold 2
Feydeau & Desvalliers Hotel Paradiso Heinemann 2
Fone, Stefanie The Star and the shadow French 8
Ford, John Perkin Warbeck Edward Arnold 1
Ford, John Tis pity she's a whore Edward Arnold 4
Foreman, Joan Midwinter journey Evans Bros. 9
Forsyth, Bill Gregory's girl C.U.P. 5
Frayn, Michael Alphabetical order French 7
Frayn, Michael Alphabetical order & Donkey's years Methuen 1
Frayn, Michael Clouds Methuen 1
Frayn, Michael Plays one (Alphabetical order;donkey's years; Make and  Methuen 1
  brake; Noises off.    
Frisby, Terence There's a girl in my soup French 8
Frisch, Max Andorra Methuen 17
Fry, Christopher The lady's not for burning O.U.P. 12
Fry, Christopher A sleep of prisoners O.U.P. 3
Galsworthy, John Escape Duckworth 10
Galsworthy, John The foundations Duckworth 11
Galsworthy, John Loyalties Duckworth 13
Galsworthy, John The skin game Duckworth 15
Galsworthy, John Strife Duckworth 9
Gardiner & Coleman Mr. Macaroni and the exploding pizza pie French 5
Gaskell, Elizabeth (arranged by Coleman) Cranford French 11
Gay, John The plays of John Gay Vol.1 The Mohocks; The what d'ye  Simpkin 2
  call it; The captives & The beggars opera    
Gay, John The plays of John Gay Vol.2 - Polly; Achilles; The distressed wife; Simpkin 1
  The rehearsal at Goatham    
Gershe, Leonard Miss Pell is missing French 7
Gheon Christmas in the market place Muller 4
Gilbert, Sir W.S. The Savoy operas: being the complete text of the Gilbert and MacMillan 1
  Sullivan operas as originally produced in the years 1875-1896    
Giraudoux, Jean Plays Vol.1-Judith; Tiger at the gates; Duel of Angels Methuen 1
Giraudoux, Jean Plays Vol.2-Amphitryon; Intermezzo; Ondine. Methuen 1
Giraudoux, Jean Electra Methuen 1
Glennon, Gordon Emma (from book by Jane Austin) MacMillan 12
Godber, John Teechers French 4
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Faust part 1 Penguin 3
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Faust part 2 Penguin 1
Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's plays    
Goetze, Augustus & Goetze, Ruth The Heiress Reinhardt & Evans 6
Gogol, Nikolai The Government inspector Heinemann 6
Goldman, James The lion in winter Random House 1
Goldoni, Carlo Three comedies- Mine hostess; The books & The fan Oxford 1
Goldsmith, Oliver Plays - The Good-Natured Man;She Stoops to Conquer & The  O.U.P. 1
  Vicar of Wakefield    
Goldsmith, Oliver She stoops to conquer Dent 5
Greene, Graham The potting shed Heinemann 4
Greenwood, Walter Saturday night at The Crown French 14
Hare, David The secret rapture Faber 5
Harris, Richard Outside edge French 7
Hart, Moss & Kaufman, George You can't take it with you English Theatre Guild 12
Harvey, Frank Norman French 12
Harvey, Frank The poltergeist Deane 12
Harwood, Ronald The dresser French 1
Hawdon, Robin The mating game English Theatre Guild 6
Hellman, Lillian The little foxes English Theatre Guild 10
Heywood, Thomas A woman killed with kindness Methuen 1
Hills, Richard Beauty and the Beast New Playwrights Network 11
Hills, Richard Goldilocks and the three bears New Playwrights Network 6
Hines, Leonard J & King, Frank These things shall be Benn 8
Hoar, Peter Murder at midnight French 11
Holman, Roger  Smike Music Sales Ltd 8
  Stanley Holloway monologues Elm Tree Books 1
  Stanley Holloway: more monologues & songs Elm Tree Books 3
Home, William Douglas The secretary bird French 4
Home, William Douglas The reluctant peer Evans 8
Hooper, Ewan & Marvin, Ernest A man dies Darton, Longman & Todd 9
Horsfield, Debbie The red devils trilogy: Red devils; True dare kiss; Command or promise Methuen 6
Houghton, Stanley Hindle wakes Heinemann 10
Housman, Laurence Bethlehem Cape 11
  How the vote was won & other suffragette plays Methuen 2
Howarth, Donald A lily in little India French  
Hughes, Derrick The mercy of Herod French 9
Ibsen, Henrik An enemy of the people Heinemann 3
  An enemy of the people; The wild duck; Romersholm. O.U.P 1
Ibsen, Henrik Collected works vol.7- A doll's house; Ghosts Heinemann 1
Ibsen, Henrik Collected works vol.XI- Little Eyolf; John Gabriel Borkman & When we Heinemann 1
  dead awaken    
Ibsen, Henrik A doll's house French 11
Ibsen, Henrik A doll's house; League of youth; The lady from the sea Penguin 4
Ibsen, Henrik Ghosts and two other plays- The warriors at Helgeland; Ghosts; An  Dent 9
  enemy of the people.    
Ibsen, Henrik Ghosts and two other plays - A public enemy; When we wake; Ghosts. Penguin 6
Ibsen, Henrik Hedda Gabler Everyman's library 1
Ibsen, Henrik Lady Inger of Ostraat etc.-(Love's comedy & The league of youth) Dent 1
Ibsen, Henrik The league of youth; Pillars of society & A doll's house Walter Scott publications 1
Ibsen, Henrik Little Eyolf Rupert Hart-Davis 1
Ibsen, Henrik The master-builder O.U.P 1
Ibsen, Henrik The master-builder and other plays- Romersholm; The master-builder;  Penguin 1
  Little Eyolf & John Gabriel Borkman    
Ibsen, Henrik Peer Gynt Methuen 6
Ibsen, Henrik Peer Gynt Harrap 1
Ibsen, Henrik Romersholm French 3
Jacobs,W.W & Rock, Charles The ghost of Jerry Bundler French 8
Jarry, Alfred The Ubu Plays -Ubu Rex; Ubu cuckolded; Ubu enchained Methuen 1
Jellicoe, Ann The knack Faber & Faber 2
Jerome, Jerome K. The celebrity Hodder & Stoughton 1
Jerome, Jerome K. The passing of the third floor back French 5
Johnson, Philip Lovely to look at French 10
Jones, Keith L. Father Christmas and the snow witch MacMillan 10
Jones-Evans, Eric Scrooge the miser Wilson 11
Jonson, Ben The Alchemist Oliver & Boyd 3
    MacMillan 1
    C.U.P. 1
    Ernest Benn 5
Jonson, Ben Bartholemew Fair Ernest Benn 2
    Methuen 1
Jonson, Ben Complete plays vol. 1 Dent 1
Jonson, Ben Complete plays vol. 2 Everyman's 1
Jonson, Ben Volpone Ernest Benn 3
    MacMillan 3
Keefe, Barry Barbarian's trilogy- Killing time; Abide with me; In the city Methuen 5
Keefe, Barry Better times Methuen 5
Keefe, Barry Gimme shelter Methuen 6
Kelly, Tim The wonderful Wizard of Oz Hanbury plays 6
Kesselring, Joseph Arsenic and old lace English Theatre Guild 10
Kilroy, Thomas Double cross Faber and Faber 5
King, Philip I'll get my man French 15
King, Philip Rock-a-bye sailor French 10
King, Philip Serious charge French 9
King, Philip Who says murder French 6
Kirkup, James The true mystery of the Nativity O.U.P 1
Kirkup, James Upon this rock O.U.P 1
Kitchin, Lawrence Three on trial Pall Mall press 6
Kneale, Nigel The Quatermass experiment Penguin 1
Knoblock, Edward Kismet and other plays - The Faun; Milestones; My lady's dress Chapman and Hall 6
Knott, Frederick Wait until dark French 8
Kyd, Thomas The Spanish tragedy    
Laffan, Kevin It's a two-foot-six-inches-above-the-ground world Faber and Faber 8
Laird, Jenny and Fernald, John And no birds sing French 1
Lane, Carla and Chapman, John The Liver Birds English Theatre Guild 6
Laski, Marghanita The offshore island Cresset Press 4
Lawrence, D.H. The complete plays- The widowing of Mrs. Holroyd; David; The  Heinemann 1
  married man; The daughter-in-law; The fight for Barbara; Touch and go;    
  The merry-go-round; A collier's Friday night; Altitude; Noah's flood    
Leigh, Mike Abigail's party French 6
Lesser, Anthony Love by appointment French 11
Lesser, Anthony Meet me by moonlight Evans Brothers 11
Lessing, Doris Play with a tiger Michael Joseph 1
Levin, Ira Critic's choice Evans brothers 9
Livings, Henry Eh? Methuen 11
Lorca, Garcia Three tragedies-Blood wedding; Yerma; Bernarda, Alba. Secker & Warburg 2
McConnell, Jean The pick of the season Dean 10
McGillivray, David and Zerlin, Walter The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic French 3
  Society's production of Macbeth    
Mackie, Philip The whole truth Evans 1
MacNamara, Margaret Wives and daughters Evans 1
MacRae, Arthur Traveller's joy French 10
Marshall, Alan Grandma's photograph Playstage 7
Marshall, Alan The technical rehearsal Playstage 12
Marshall, Alan Up the beanstalk again Playstage 8
Matthews, Seymour Anagram of murder French 6
Matthews, Seymour Dead man's hand French 8
Maugham, Somerset The breadwinner French 11
Maugham, Somerset The circle French 11
Maugham, Somerset The noble Spaniard Evans 12
Maugham, Somerset The collected plays of Somerset Maugham vols. 1-5 Methuen 1 of each
Maugham, Somerset The sacred flame French 7
Medoff, Mark Children of a lesser god Amber Lane 8
Melville, Alan Dear Charles French 13
Melville, Alan Devil may care French 12
Melvyn, Glenn Love and kisses French 10
Mercer, David The Bankrupt and other plays- You and me; An afternoon at the Methuen 4
  festival; Find me    
Mercer, David Duck song Methuen 8
Middleton, Thomas and Rowley, William The changeling Methuen 1
    Manchester U.P 3
    Ernest Benn 5
Middleton, Thomas A chaste maid in Cheapside Ernest Benn 1
Middleton, Thomas A game of chess Ernest Benn 1
Middleton, Thomas A trick to catch the old one Ernest Benn 1
Middleton, Thomas Women beware women Manchester U.P 1
Millar, Ronald The bride and the bachelor French 5
Millar, Ronald The bride comes back French 9
Millar, Ronald The more the merrier French 11
Miller, Arthur After the fall Secker and Warburg 10
Miller, Arthur The Archbishop's ceiling Methuen 1
Miller, Arthur The crucible Penguin 5
Mills, Clifford and Ramsay, John Where the rainbow ends French 11
Milne, A.A. First plays - Wurzel-flummery; The lucky one;The boy comes home; Chatto & Windus 4
  Belinda; The red feathers.    
Milne, A.A. The ivory door Chatto & Windus 4
Milne, A.A. The man in the bowler hat French 7
Milne, A.A. Michael and Mary Chatto & Windus 4
Milne, A.A. Second plays - Make believe; Mister Pim passes by; The Camberley  Chatto & Windus 6
  triangle; The romantic age; The stepmother.    
Milne, A.A. Three plays - The great Broxopp; The Dover road; The truth about  Chatto & Windus 3
Milne, A.A. Winnie the Pooh The Dramatic Publishing Company 8
Mitchell, Adrian Man Friday and Mind your head Methuen 1
Mitchell, Julian Half-life Methuen 1
Mitchell, Julian A heritage and it's history Evans 3
Morgan, Charles The burning glass MacMillan 9
Morley, Robert Staff dance English Theatre Guild 10
Morrah, Dermot Chorus Angelorum French 9
Morris T.B. Ladies in the limelight (12 plays) Theatrecraft Ltd. 6
Nicholson, William Shadowlands French 11
Novello, Ivor Fresh fields French 12
O'Brien, Kathleen Two sketches for women Thomas Newson 1
O'Casey, Sean Behind the green curtain and other plays- Figuro in the night; The moon MacMillan 6
  shines on Kylenamoe    
O'Casey, Sean The Bishop's bonfire MacMillan 12
O'Casey, Sean Cock-a-doodle dandy MacMillan 11
O'Casey, Sean Collected plays volume 1- Juno and the paycock; The shadow of a  MacMillan 1
  gunman; The plough and the stars; The end of the beginning; Pound    
  on demand    
O'Casey, Sean Collected plays volume 2 - The silver tassie; Within the gates; The MacMillan 1
  star turns red    
O'Casey, Sean The drums of Father Ned MacMillan 1
O'Casey, Sean Juno and the Paycock MacMillan 9
O'Casey, Sean Oak leaves and lavender MacMillan 15
O'Casey, Sean The plough and the stars MacMillan 7
O'Casey, Sean Red roses for me MacMillan 4
O'Casey, Sean The silver tassie MacMillan 1
O'Casey, Sean Three plays- Juno and the paycock; The shadow of a gunman; The  MacMillan 4
  plough and the stars    
O'Casey, Sean Within the gates MacMillan 1
O'Donnell, Peter Mister Fothergill's murder English Theatre Guild 1
O'Neill, Eugene  Ah, wilderness! & Days without end Jonathan Cape 1
O'Neill, Eugene  3 plays- Ah, wilderness! The hairy ape; All God's chillun got wings Penguin 1
O'Neill, Eugene  3 plays-All God's chillun got wings; Desire under the elms; Welded. Jonathan Cape 1
O'Neill, Eugene  Beyond the horizon and Marco millions Jonathan Cape 1
O'Neill, Eugene  The Emperor Jones; The straw; Diff'rent Jonathan Cape 11
O'Neill, Eugene  The great god Brown, The fountain and other plays Boni and Liveright 1
O'Neill, Eugene  The hairy ape Jonathan Cape 1
O'Neill, Eugene  The Iceman cometh Jonathan Cape 19
O'Neill, Eugene  A moon for the misbegotten Jonathan Cape 5
Palin, Michael The weekend Methuen 9
Phelps, Winifred Temptation sordid French 11
Pilcher, Rosamunde and Gairdner, Charles The Piper of Orde Evans 8
Pinero, Arthur W. Dandy Dick Heinemann 4
Pinero, Arthur W. Playgoers French 8
Pinero, Arthur W. The second Mrs. Tanqueray Heinemann 1
Pinter, Harold Betrayal Methuen 1
Pinter, Harold The birthday party French 10
Pinter, Harold The birthday party Methuen 4
Pinter, Harold The caretaker Methuen 8
Pinter, Harold The collection and The lover Methuen 2
Pinter, Harold Family voices French 4
Pinter, Harold Five screen plays Methuen 1
Pinter, Harold The homecoming French 4
    Methuen 6
Pinter, Harold Landscape and silence Methuen 5
Pinter, Harold Mountain language Faber & Faber 6
Pinter, Harold No Man's land Methuen 5
Pinter, Harold Old times Methuen 6
Pinter, Harold One for the road Methuen 6
Pinter, Harold Plays one- The birthday party; The room; Dumb waiter; A slight ache Methuen 1
  A night out    
Pinter, Harold Plays two-The Caretaker; The collection; The Lover; Night school; The Methuen 1
Pinter, Harold Plays three- The homecoming; Tea party; The basement; Landscape; Methuen 1
Pinter, Harold Plays four- Old times; No Man's land; Betrayal; Monologue; Family Methuen 1
Pinter, Harold A slight ache Methuen 5
    French 2
Pinter, Harold The tea party Methuen 3
Pinter, Harold Three plays- The birthday party; The Caretaker; The homecoming Pan 1
Pirandello,Luigi Six characters in search of an author Heinemann 7
Pirandello,Luigi Each in his own way Sidgewick and Jackson 1
Pirandello,Luigi Naked Sidgewick and Jackson 1
Pirandello,Luigi Three plays- Six characters in search of an author; Henry IV; Right Dent & Sons 1
  you are!    
Plater, Alan And a little love besides French 8
Plater, Alan Close the coalhouse door Methuen 7
Poliakoff, Stephen Runners/ Soft targets Methuen 5
Polley, S.A. and Carter, Conrad The babes in the wood French 6
Popplewell, Jack Dead on nine French 8
Popplewell, Jack Potted pantos- Cinderella, Aladdin, Robinson Crusoe etc. Wolfe Publishing 8
Potter, Dennis Brimstone and treacle French 9
Potter, Dennis Son of Man Andre Deutsch 1
Priestley, J.B. An Inspector calls French 1
Priestley, J.B. Summer day's dream French 10
Purves, John The clouded star French 6
Quintero Hundred years old Sidgewick and Jackson 1
Ready, Stuart It's a job to keep married Deane & Sons 11
Ready, Stuart Ladies at sea Deane & Sons 7
Ree, Phoebe Blinds up Nelson's plays 6
Reid, Georgina Clerical errors French 6
Reid, Georgina Gone up in smoke French 4
Reid, Graham Ties of blood Faber & Faber 3
Richards, H.M. Fine linen J. Garnet Miller 14
Robbins, Norman The late Mrs. Early French 6
Robbins, Norman Prepare to meet thy tomb French 1
Robbins, Norman Pull the other one French 1
Robbins, Norman Tomb with a view French 9
Roberts, Cyril Progress, on the whole, satisfactory French 10
Roche, Dominic My wife's lodger Deane & sons 10
Rocliffe, Jan A very small turkey Deane & Sons 8
Rolland, Romain Plays of Romain Rolland- The Montespan; Liluli Jarrolds 1
Roos, Audrey and William Speaking of murder French 9
Rosenthal, Andrew A sense of guilt English Theatre Guild 10
Ross, George and Singer, Campbell Difference of opinion French 10
Royle, Derek S. Flat spin English Theatre Guild 7
Russell, Roy Return to Bedlam Dean & Sons 8
Russell, Willy Educating Rita French 3
Russell, Willy Educating Rita; Stags and hens; Blood brothers Methuen 1
Russell, Willy One for the road French 9
Russell, Willy Our day out French 1
Russell, Willy Shirley Valentine French 1
Russell, Willy Shirley Valentine; One for the road Methuen 2
Ryton, Royce The Anastasia file French 9
Ryton, Royce Crown Matrimonial English Theatre Guild 6
Ryton, Royce The unvarnished truth French 6
Saunders, James Next time I'll sing to you Heinemann 7
Saunders, James Next time I'll sing to you Andre Deutsch  
Sayers, Dorothy L. The Man born to be King Gollancz 12
Shaffer, Peter Five finger exercise French  1
Shakespeare, William All's well that ends well Various 23
Shakespeare, William Antony and Cleopatra Various 12
Shakespeare, William As you like it Various 10
Shakespeare, William The comedy of errors Various 11
Shakespeare, William Coriolanus Various 4
Shakespeare, William The complete works Collins 1
Shakespeare, William The complete works O.U.P 1
Shakespeare, William Cymbeline Various 8
Shakespeare, William Hamlet Various 22
Shakespeare, William King Henry IV (part 1) Various 18
Shakespeare, William King Henry IV (part 2) Various 11
Shakespeare, William Henry V Various 9
Shakespeare, William Henry VI (part 1) Various 3
Shakespeare, William Henry VI (part 2) Penguin 2
Shakespeare, William The life and death of King John Penguin 1
Shakespeare, William The Merchant of Venice Penguin 4
Shakespeare, William Othello Various 14
Shakespeare, William Oxford Shakespeare O.U.P 1
Shakespeare, William Pericles O.U.P 9
Shakespeare, William Richard II Various 11
Shakespeare, William Richard III Various 7
Shakespeare, William Romeo and Juliet Various 9
Shakespeare, William The taming of the shrew Various 18
Shakespeare, William The tempest Various 23
Shakespeare, William Timon of Athens Various 4
Shakespeare, William Titus Andronicus Various 5
Shakespeare, William Troilus and Cressida Various 10
Shakespeare, William Twelfth Night Various 15
Shakespeare, William The Two Gentlemen of Verona Various 8
Shakespeare, William and Fletcher, John The two noble kinsmen Methuen 6
Shakespeare, William The winter's tale Various 7
Shaw, George Bernard Major Barbara Constable 5
Shaw, George Bernard Man and superman Penguin 7
Shaw, George Bernard The man of destiny Constable 1
Shaw, George Bernard Misalliance; The dark lady of the sonnets; Fanny's first play;  Constable 10
Shaw, George Bernard Mrs. Warren's profession Constable 1
Shaw, George Bernard Overruled; The dark lady of the sonnets. Constable 1
Shaw, George Bernard The Philanderer Constable 1
Shaw, George Bernard Plays pleasant-Arms and the man; Candida; The man of destiny; Penguin 2
  You never can tell. Constable 3
Shaw, George Bernard Plays unpleasant- Widower's houses; The Philanderer; Mrs Warren's Constable 18
Shaw, George Bernard Pygmalion Various 16
Shaw, George Bernard St. Joan Various 7
Shaw, George Bernard St. Joan and The applecart Various 4
Shaw, George Bernard The Simpleton; The six; The Millionairess Constable 9
Shaw, George Bernard Selected one act plays Penguin 1
Shaw, George Bernard Three plays for Puritans- The Devil's disciple; Caesar and Cleopatra; Constable 2
  Captain Brassbound's conversion    
Shaw, George Bernard Too true to be good; Village wooing; On the rocks Constable 1
Shaw, George Bernard Translations and tomfooleries. Constable 1
Shaw, George Bernard Widower's houses Constable 1
Shaw, George Bernard You never can tell. Constable 6
Sheridan, Richard B. The Rivals Dent 9
Sheridan, Richard B. The school for scandal Various 13
Sheridan, Richard B. Three plays-The Rivals; The school for scandal;The Critic Thomas Nelson 9
Sheridan, Richard B. Two plays - The Rivals; School for scandal. Edward Arnold 11
Sherriff, R.C. Home at seven Gollancz 9
Sherriff, R.C. Plays of a half decade Gollancz 1
Spring, Howard Three plays Collins 1
Starsmeare, David Massacre at Glencoe Blackie 6
Steele, Richard Best plays of the old dramatists Fisher Unwin 1
Stevenson, Robert Louis Plays Heinemann 1
Stoppard, Tom Albert's bridge; If you're glad, I'll be frank. Faber & Faber 1
Stoppard, Tom Dalliance; Undiscovered country. Faber & Faber 6
Stoppard, Tom Dirty linen; New-found-land. French 6
Stoppard, Tom Enter a free man Faber & Faber 11
Stoppard, Tom Every good boy deserves favour; Professional foul Faber & Faber 8
Stoppard, Tom Four plays for radio Faber & Faber 1
Stoppard, Tom Hapgood Faber & Faber 10
Stoppard, Tom Jumpers Faber & Faber 9
Stoppard, Tom Night and day Faber & Faber 6
Stoppard, Tom Plays for radio 1964-1983 Faber & Faber 1
Stoppard, Tom The real Inspector Hound French 4
    Faber & Faber 1
Stoppard, Tom The real thing Faber & Faber 3
Stoppard, Tom Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead Faber & Faber 13
Stoppard, Tom Rough crossing Faber & Faber 6
Stoppard, Tom Travesties Faber & Faber 12
Storey, David The Contractor Jonathan Cape 1
Storey, David The Farm Jonathan Cape 8
Storey, David Home Jonathan Cape 6
Storey, David Life class Jonathan Cape 1
Strindberg, August Eight famous plays Gerald Duckworth 1
Strindberg, August The father Gerald Duckworth 12
Strindberg, August The father Methuen 1
Strindberg, August Five plays of Strindberg Doubleday 1
Strindberg, August Lucky Peter's travels Jonathan Cape 1
Strindberg, August Master Olaf and other plays Jonathan Cape 1
Strindberg, August Miss Julie and other plays Heinemann 6
Summers, David Annie, one, two, three Playstage 10
Summers, David Reduce, render and sweat Playstage 8
Summers, David Straight to DVD Playstage 6
Synge, John M. The tinker's wedding Allen & Unwin 2
Taylor, C.P. Four plays for young people Methuen 4
Taylor, Don The roses of Eyam French 6
Terson, Peter Aesop's fables French 3
Thomas, Dylan Under Milkwood Various 12
Thompson, Paul The children's crusade Heinemann 4
Thornber, Geoffrey Rumpus in regalia New Playwrights Network 10
Thurber, James and Nugent, Elliott The male animal Hamish Hamilton 1
Tolstoy, Leo The works of Leo Tolstoy O.U.P. 1
Totheron, Dan The great dark French 6
Tourneur, Cyril The Revenger's tragedy Methuen 1
Townsend, Sue The secret diary of Adrian Mole aged thirteen and three quarters Methuen 10
Toy, Barbara and Moie, Charles The man in grey Evans 11
Travers, Ben Five plays W.H.Allen 1
Travers, Ben Rookery nook French 9
Travers, Ben Thark French 10
Tristram, David Ghost writer Flying ducks 6
Tristram, David Searching for Dr. Branovic Flying ducks 1
Tristram, David What's for pudding   4
Turgenev, Ivan The plays Heinemann 1
Turgenev, Ivan Three famous plays Gerald Duckworth 1
Turner, David Semi-detached Evans 1
    French 15
Tydeman, Richard Fiesta fandango Evans 8
Tydeman, Richard Forty winks beauty Evans 3
    French 1
Tydeman, Richard Hi-Fi spy Evans 20
Tydeman, Richard Iron-hot strikers French 5
Tydeman, Richard Snow White and the seven dwarfs McMillan 8
Tydeman, Richard Who's bean Stalking? Evans 6
Webster, John The Duchess of Malfi Various 5
Webster, John and Ford, John Selected plays Dutton 1
Webster, John The White Devil Various 4
Wesker, Arnold Chips with everything Jonathan Cape 5
Wesker, Arnold The four seasons Jonathan Cape 1
Wesker, Arnold The friends Jonathan Cape 3
Wesker, Arnold The journalists Jonathan Cape 1
Wesker, Arnold The kitchen Jonathan Cape 5
Wesker, Arnold Roots Evans 2
    Penguin 2
Wesker, Arnold Their very own golden city Jonathan Cape 6
Wesker, Arnold The Wesker trilogy-Chicken soup with barley; Roots; I'm talking about Jonathan Cape 12
West, Trudy Ali Baba and the forty thieves French 10
West, Trudy Dick Whittington French 7
Westall, Robert The machine gunners McMillan 6
White, Patrick Four plays Eyre and Spottiswoode 1
Whitemore, Hugh Pack of lies French 12
Whiting, John The collected plays of John Whiting Vol.1 Heinemann 1
Whiting, John The collected plays of John Whiting Vol.2 Heinemann 1
Whitmore, Ken The turn of the screw French 6
Wilde, Oscar An Ideal husband Methuen 3
Wilde, Oscar The importance of being earnest and other plays Penguin 1
Wilde, Oscar The importance of being earnest  Methuen 3
Wilde, Oscar Lady Windermere's fan Methuen 8
Wilde, Oscar Lord Arthur Saville's crime French 9
Wilde, Oscar A woman of no importance Methuen 4
Williams, Simon Double death French 4
Williams, Simon Nobody's perfect French 2
Williams, Tennessee Cat on a hot tin roof Secker & Warburg 12
Williams, Tennessee Garden district (2 plays)- Something spoken; Suddenly last summer Secker & Warburg 1
Williams, Tennessee The glass menagerie John Lehmann 9
Williams, Tennessee The milk train doesn't stop here anymore Secker & Warburg 1
Williams, Tennessee The night of the iguana Secker & Warburg 1
Williams, Tennessee Orpheus descending Secker & Warburg 1
Williams, Tennessee Period of adjustment Secker & Warburg 1
Williams, Tennessee The rose tattoo Secker & Warburg 1
Williams, Tennessee Sweet bird of youth Secker & Warburg 5
Williams, Tennessee Penguin plays-various Penguin 1
Williams, Tennessee 27 wagons full of cotton and other plays John Lehmann 1
Willis, Ted Doctor at sea Evans 10
Willis, Ted George comes home French 9
Willis, Ted The lady purrs Dean & Sons 11
Willis, Ted Woman in a dressing gown Evans 8
Wilson, John Hamp Evans 11
Wilson, Pat A summer's tale Evans 8
Wodehouse, P.J. Four plays Methuen 1
Wood, David Aladdin French 12
Wood, David Babes in the magic wood French 2
Wood, David Flibberty and the penguin French 11
Wood, David The gingerbread man French 2
Wood, David Old Father Time French 12
Wood, David Old Mother Hubbard French 13
Wood, David The Papertown paperchase French 12
Wood, Margaret Parochial problems French 7
Wood, Margaret Plays for Christmas and Easter Heinemann 4
Wood, Margaret Top table French 6
Wouk, Herman The Caine Mutiny court martial Jonathan Cape 1
Wrenn, H.A. The clue of the stone French 16
Wright, Dorothy A cradle of Willow Evans 11
Wycherley, William The best plays of William Wycherley Vizetelly & Co. 1
  Absurd drama Penguin 9
  Best one act plays of 1958-1958 Harrap 1
  Best one act plays of 1960-1961 Harrap 1
  The Chester mystery plays Heinemann 6
  English mystery plays Penguin 1
  English one act plays of today O.U.P. 4
  Everyman medieval miracle plays Everymans library 8
  Famous plays of 1931 Gollancz 1
  Famous plays of today-1953 Gollancz 1
  Famous plays of today. Sherrif and others Gollancz 1
  Famous Victorian melodramas Sterling 2
  Five mumming plays for schools English Folk Dance Society 1
  Mixed doubles French 1
  Mixed doubles Methuen 1
  Modern plays Dent 1
  Modern theatre Volume 1 Doubleday 6
  Modern theatre Volume 2 Doubleday 5
  New American drama Penguin 1
  New English dramatists 7 Penguin 17
  New English dramatists 8 Penguin 3
  New English dramatists 11 Penguin 7
  The No plays of Japan Unwin 1
  2 North East plays:- Hadaway- The pigeon man; Bond- The decent  Iron Press 12
  3 North East plays:- Taylor- The Killingworth play; Hadaway- The  Iron Press 5
  filleting machine; Barras-I knew him Horatio    
  The old-time stars book of monologues Wolfe 8
  One act play parade Allen and Unwin 1
  One act plays for players-second series Harrap 1
  One act plays of today-first series Harrap 1
  One act plays of today-second series Harrap 1
  One act plays of today-third series Harrap 1
  One act plays of today-fourth series Harrap 1
  One act plays of today-fifth series Harrap 1
  One to another (sketches) French 5
  Second playbill one Hutchinson 1
  Seven short plays for amateur societies Dickson & Thompson 1
  Six more one act plays J. Garnet Miller Ltd. 4
  Six more one act plays Harrap 2
  Six one act comedies for women J. Garnet Miller Ltd. 12
  Six one act plays for women J. Garnet Miller Ltd. 4
  Six plays by contemporaries of Shakespeare O.U.P. 2
  Ten miracle plays Ed Arnold 5
  Ten one act plays for women Harrap 5
  Three German plays Penguin 15
  Three European plays Penguin 1
  Three medieval plays Heinemann 4
  Three more melodramas French 5
  Three plays Penguin 1
  Three Restoration comedies Pan books 3
  Triad 22 N.P.N. 6
  Triad 33 N.P.N. 6
  Triad 47 N.P.N. 6
  Triad 49 N.P.N. 6
  Triad 64 N.P.N. 11
  Twelve modern plays Duckworth 3
  Twelve one acts Allen and Unwin 1
  The Wakefield mystery plays Evans 5
  The Wakefield pageants in the Towneley cycle Manchester U.P. 11
  The York cycle of mystery plays S.P.C.K. 3


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