LOVE Northumberland

LOVE Northumberland

A campaign to promote the Northumberland environment.

LOVE Northumberland

A campaign to promote improving the environment in the county.

About the campaign
‘LOVE Northumberland – caring for our county’ is a campaign that aims to promote the work of the council and its partners in preserving and improving the environment in the county, celebrating community spirit and promoting county pride.

It’s aimed at getting everyone in Northumberland involved in keeping the county clean and green. Northumberland is known for its breathtaking scenery and wide open spaces but it also has a reputation for its environmental quality.

The aims of the campaign are to:
  • promote the work of the council and its partners in keeping Northumberland beautiful for residents and tourists
  • encourage more people to report environmental problems and get involved in work to protect our public spaces
  • raise awareness of environmental issues
  • promote our key messages on the environment to help us meet targets
  • create a sense of joint ownership around LOVE Northumberland issues 
LOVE Northumberland awards 2017
LOVE Northumberland Awards 
As part of the LOVE Northumberland campaign the council organises annual awards to celebrate the work of the schools, community groups and individual volunteers whose endeavours preserve and enhance the environment of the county. 
The LOVE Northumberland awards mark a range of projects and initiatives which improve neighbourhoods or local areas for the benefit of members of the local community.
Entries are invited for the categories of:
·        Best new project (projects that are less than one year old);
·        Best urban project (projects or work that happens in places where a lot of people live);
·        Best coast or countryside project (projects that happen in more rural areas);
·        Best young people’s project (where most of the participants are aged 12 to 25);
·        Best children’s project (where most of the participants are aged 11 and under);
·        Best school recycling project; and
·        Outstanding individual (someone whose efforts towards their local environment make them stand out from the crowd). 

Winners will be presented by Her Grace the Duchess of Northumberland at an event at The Alnwick Garden on Wednesday 5th July 2017.

You can download an application form here:
- Word document 
- PDF 

You can download a poster about the awards here

The closing date for entries is Wednesday 31st May 2017. 
See below for past winners.
Volunteering in Northumberland
Most of us play our part by looking after our little piece of Northumberland. Across the county there are also people willing to give up a bit more of their time to improve their local environment.

The work of these volunteers is invaluable and an important part of our campaign is providing support to these volunteers.

We’ve developed a web resource where groups can promote volunteering opportunities and people can find out how they can get involved in their local area.
Advice & support
LOVE Northumberland partner organisations
We are committed to enhancing and maintaining the beauty of our county but we can’t do this alone. We’re grateful to the following organisations and individuals who have already pledged their support and signed up to our campaign:
Pledge your support
You can pledge your support for the campaign here.

Please email your name and address to:   
or write to:

LOVE Northumberland
Northumberland County Council
County Hall
NE61 2EF

Please also let us know if you would like to receive the latest environmental news by email.
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