Reducing reoffending

Reducing reoffending

We work in partnership with a range of statutory and voluntary agencies to understand and prevent the causes of repeat offending. Early identification of offending behaviour supports development of longer term solutions to enable reintegration into communities through education, employment and housing provision. 

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Key issues in Northumberland

Our responsive Community Safety Team works alongside Northumbria Police and housing companies to utilise tools and powers available through new legislation to tackle crime. We provide support to the offender, addressing the underlying reason for their offending and taking action such as attending anger management sessions and rehabilitation for alcohol and drug abuse. 

Aims and objectives

We aim to reduce reoffending by:
  • targeting and challenging criminal behaviour
  • improving opportunities available to those committing crime and those at risk of criminal activity to enhance social inclusion
  • overseeing national and local strategic developments
  • using evidence based and intelligence led practices
  • ensuring mechanisms are in place to keep the community informed
  • consider the needs of the most vulnerable or marginalised people in our communities
  • use management (IOM) initiatives, including:
    • the prolific and priority offender scheme (PPO)
    • drug rehabilitation requirements (DRRs)
    • alcohol treatment requirements (ATRs)
    • transitional arrangements between young people’s services and adult services
    • deter young offender cohort (DYO)
    • restorative justice approaches (RJ)

Partners involved

  • National Probation Service (NPS) North East
  • Northumbria Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC)
  • Northumbria Police
  • Northumberland County Council strategic community safety
  • Northumberland County Council adult safeguarding
  • Northumberland County Council children’s services
  • Job Centre Plus
  • Northumberland County Council strategic housing
  • Victims First
  • Northumberland County Council public health 

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