Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour

You should never have to endure behaviour which causes alarm, harassment or distress. We know antisocial behaviour can have a big impact on your quality of life and we are committed in delivering the firm message that this behaviour will be tackled and not tolerated.

What we do

We challenge antisocial behaviour by working together with our partners. We develop sustainable solutions, adopting a problem solving approach and sharing information with a ‘can do’ attitude that is communicated to the residents of Northumberland. 

Our community safety teams, for example, work with our partners on preventative measures to reduce any factors within communities that affect people’s right to live without fear of crime.

Aims and objectives

Key objectives are linked directly to the police and crime commissioner’s priorities for the Northumbria Police:
  • tackling crime and antisocial behaviour
  • putting victims first
  • protecting vulnerable people
  • building and strengthening partnerships 

Partners involved

  • Sure Start
  • Children’s services
  • Youth offending service

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