Hate crime app

Hate crime app

Hate crime app

Hate crimes include people targeted over race, religion, disability or sexual orientation and unfortunately it has occurred across Northumberland.

It is thought to be widely under-reported and so an app has been developed to allow victims of hate crime to report instances wherever and whenever they feel safe.

Developed with the Safer Northumberland, the app helps people understand how to deal with the traumatic effect of the crimes, why it happens, how to report it and where to seek help. There is also a wealth of information and support options.

Liz Simpson, Chair of the Safer Northumberland Partnership, said: “While this county is one of the safest in the UK we know there is still under-reporting of hate crime and we need to do all we can to make it easier for people to report incidents easily and quickly.

“We want as many people as possible to be aware of this issue and the fact help is out there. There are a number of agencies doing great work to raise awareness and offer support and we want to bring them all together. If this app manages to save just one person from this despicable kind of crime, then it has to be worth it.”

The app can be downloaded for Apple and Android phones by searching for “Hate Crime 4” through the App Store or Google Play store, or you can use the QR codes below:

Alternatively, you can report a hate crime through the Northumberland County Council website here.

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