Northumberland Knowledge (including Joint Strategic Needs Assessment)

  • Northumberland Knowledge

    Northumberland Knowledge provides information and intelligence about the resident population, the places where they live and the key social and economic themes for the county.

    The latest, available data and research is available in a convenient and accessible way to inform decision-making, policy-forming and service delivery in Northumberland.

  • Statistics and Information (NK)

    We provide statistics organised by common themes.

    POPULATION - current population, past trends, future projections & household composition, population by age structure, gender & identity.

    HEALTH & WELLBEING - wellbeing, lifestyles, mortality & fertility.

    HOUSING & QUALITY OF PLACE - housing stock, housing market, transport, access to services, environment & tourism.

    BUSINESS & ECONOMY - business, economic growth, labour market, skills

    COMMUNITY WELLBEING - crime, perception of crime, resident insight & deprivation & poverty.

  • (JSNA) Introduction 

    This Joint Strategic Needs Assessment highlights the key challenges we face to improve the health and well being  of the residents in Northumberland  It is web based which allows the information to be kept up to date more easily and for new information to be added when it becomes available.

    This website is  a live resource and will be updated and expanded on an ongoing basis. Please return to this website regularly in order to find out what material has been added or revised. If you have any comments on the content and format of the JSNA, or have any suggestions about how it can be improved in the future, please let us know by sending us an e-mail to
  • (JSNA) General Overview 

    Northumberland is generally a healthy place, but there is variation within the county.  According to national statistics the average Northumberland resident is expected to live in good health until the age of 63, which is more than 75% of their lives.  However, this varies widely across the county. 

    In some areas of Northumberland healthy life expectancy reaches 74 years but in other areas it is as low as 51 years.  This is a useful indicator of health inequalities in Northumberland and you can find many more health indicators here.
  • Latest News

    The latest quarterly bulletin produced by the NCC Digital Team, is now available. Know Northumberland Bulletin 23

    It provides a high level and up to date Northumberland-based statistical profile across a range of topics. The first 2 pages provide an overview and the rest focuses on specific topics. This issue focuses on ‘Housing & quality of place’ and includes:

    • house sales and prices
    • dwelling stock
    • social rented housing demand
    • transport and access to services
    • energy and waste
    • tourism