Housing policies

Our housing strategies and policies help us plan and deliver housing in Northumberland.

Our housing strategies and policies help us plan and deliver housing in Northumberland.

A housing strategy for Northumberland 2013-18 outlines our ambitious plans for meeting housing needs by delivering new affordable housing, maintaining and improving existing housing stock, and through providing housing support to those who need it.
The Northumberland Homelessness Strategy outlines our priorities and future actions for tackling and preventing homelessness over the next five years.


The Home Energy Conservation Act report sets out aims for improving energy efficiency measures for residential homes and how we will go about it. 
The tenancy strategy sets out our expectations for registered social landlords in relation to the type of tenancies they will grant.
The common allocation policy is the way the council and its partners allocate social housing. More information can be found here
This provides robust up-to-date evidence to help us understand what our focus needs to be. The list of reports below is used to inform Northumberland’s housing and planning policies. Please click here for more information.
The Private Sector Housing Strategy sets out how we will work with our partners to improve the offer to our residents.  It explains how we will work with private landlords, tenants and letting agents to ensure that the private rented sector is flexible, affordable and well managed to meet people’s needs. It sets out how we will work with owner occupiers to deliver the advice and support they need to care for their homes.

Northumberland County Council Community Housing Fund Policy

The Northumberland Community Housing Fund Policy sets out how the Council will work in partnership with local communities to develop Communtiy Led Housing.