Find out about your fire service

Find out about your fire service

Here you can find out more about the fire service, the work we do and give us your feedback.

Fire & rescue in Northumberland

We provide fire and rescue cover to the county of Northumberland.

In line with strategic aims of Northumberland County Council, we have long-term aims of improving the social, economic and environmental wellbeing of those who live, work and visit Northumberland.

Central to this is the prevention of fires and other emergencies, with a result of reducing death, injury and damage to property.

We welcome your comments and suggestions about how well you think we are doing.

Facts about your fire & rescue service

The fire and rescue service area covers 5,026 square kilometres (1,941 square miles) with a population of 316,028 people.

Within this area there are 148,008 dwellings and 11,687 non-domestic properties. To make Northumberland safer, we have:

What do the fire & rescue service do?

In order to reduce the risk to our communities, we deliver a comprehensive range of services and activities.

We respond to incidents & emergencies
These include:
  • fires (buildings, vehicles and wildfires)
  • road traffic collisions
  • chemical, biological, radiations and nuclear incidents
  • flooding
  • swift water, mud and ice rescue
  • major incidents
As part of our response role, we also handle emergency calls and respond to special service requests.
In addition to our fleet of fire appliances and 4x4 vehicles, we have a number of specialist vehicles and teams to enhance and support our response to incidents.
We help prevent emergencies to help keep homes and our communities safe
We work to prevent emergencies happening within homes and communities. Prevention is central to everything we do.
We help to keep businesses, their employees and their customers safe
We provide advice and guidance on how to prevent fires, as well as enforcing fire safety legislation to ensure businesses comply with the law.
We plan for & protect & support communities when emergencies happen
We identify, examine and record key risks that may threaten our communities, then prepare appropriate emergency response plans, train staff and test these arrangements through exercises.

This work is carried out in close collaboration with our multi-emergency partners, who share our objectives in community protection.
We perform special service requests for non-emergencies
We are sometimes requested to provide non-emergency services. Historically, these have included lift rescues, providing water for non-emergency or humanitarian reasons, replenishing water supplies, filling swimming pools and hiring equipment.

Legislation clarifies the types of situations where fire and rescue services can charge members of the public and commercial organisations for this assistance. In all cases, the applicant will be informed whether attendance will be subject to a charge. If a charge is applicable, applicants will be required to complete an agreement to pay form prior to any services being rendered. If you would like any further information, or would like to submit a request for a special service, please contact:
We can provide you with advice after a fire or flood

Please tell us how your fire & rescue service are doing

We aim to provide the highest standard of service and have high expectations of all our staff and the services we deliver.

We hope you find us professional, friendly, accessible and competent. We are committed to providing a professional and efficient service that is valued by the community it serves.

We welcome comments from all members of the community on how we provide this service, whether that involves congratulations, criticism or constructive suggestions.

All feedback we receive will be used positively, to improve our service wherever necessary.

How can I submit a comment, compliment or complaint?
We love to hear your feedback - it plays an important part in improving the service we provide and is something we take really seriously.
  • If you have a comment, good or bad, please let us know.