Important facts to know

Important facts to know

What you should know if you are a young carer

Facts to know as a young carer

Being a young carer is difficult. These are the important facts you should know.

Your confidentiality
Most of the time adults in authority will not share your personal information with anyone. They will respect your privacy, and ensure your details remain confidential. However, if you give your permission, and/or tell them that you or someone else is in danger or being harmed in some way they will pass information on to others in order to protect you.
Know your choices
As a carer you have a choice about the jobs you do or would prefer not to do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help - or to tell someone if you are struggling to cope. There are support groups that can give you advice and support.  You can also have an assessment to help you get any extra help you may need. Visit Northumberland Young Carers for more information.
Don't bottle things up
Let other people know if things are starting to get difficult for you, or if you are feeling stressed. Find someone you can trust and feel comfortable sharing your feelings with, such as a friend, neighbour or teacher.

There are people out there who can help you, but they may not realise what you are going through if you don’t tell them what’s happening at home.
Plan ahead and have goals
You don’t have to try and work out how to achieve them by yourself. Northumberland County Council and other organisations can help you make plans for the person you care for, as well as for yourself.

Talk to your family about your hopes and dreams and how you might achieve them. Speak to an adult you trust about how to find the support you need. Never give up on your future dreams because of what you are doing now.