Substance misuse

Substance misuse


Results from the young people’s needs assessment 2009

  • boredom and fun were the most frequently cited reasons for drinking
  • shops were the most frequently named source of supplying alcohol under age with over 40% of responses
  • in school years 11 and 13, 100% of young people have had a drink
  • in school years nine and 10, 80 % of young people have had a drink

Young people

  • males are more likely to use cannabis than females
  • in small numbers, heroin, as a first drug, has increased in the last six months

Drugs and alcohol consumption

  • the proportion of respondents stating they have taken drugs or drunk alcohol three or more times in the last four weeks was higher than the national average, but not significantly
Analysing the responses to alcohol and drugs separately, alcohol consumption is the biggest contributor to this indicator within Northumberland and nationally, and the Northumberland figure for alcohol consumption is slightly higher than the national average. The contextually adjusted figures for consumption of drugs three or more times a week are 5-6% higher than the original LA figure, suggesting that compared to similar students nationally, and consumption rates are higher in Northumberland.