Targeting families at risk

Targeting families at risk

This page covers strategies, action plans and needs assessments relating to children and families.

One of the five key priorities in the health and wellbeing strategy focuses on those children and families, who without some extra help and support early on, would be at risk of having poorer health, not doing as well at school and not achieving their full potential in their lives.

The key to delivering this priority is the early identification of children with emerging vulnerabilities or at risk characteristics; then ensuring that the right support is provided at the right time and within the context of the needs of the wider family.

The following strategies, action plans and commissioning documents show how this key priority is being tackled across a variety of themes to improve the lives of children and young people in Northumberland. Many of the strategies linked from this page are currently being reviewed with new documents due towards the end of 2015.

For statistics on children and young people in Northumberland visit the children and young people page. For more detailed information on the strategies and plans outlined below visit the Northumberland County Council's children, families and young people's website.

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