People isolated & excluded

People isolated & excluded

Equalities and community cohesion are key cross cutting themes within the refreshed commissioning strategy. A cohesive society would seek to reduce isolation and social exclusion.

Key messages

People who live in a rural setting can be quite isolated and excluded from normal, everyday activities and services throughout Northumberland. From lack of access, to training events, to lack of access to health and education services. Better transport links are key to enable people to access a universal range of services.

The relationship between better health and income could explain why fewer people in poorer rural areas such as Lincolnshire and the Fens, the North East, Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and East Kent report that their health is good.

Fathers are an important part of a child’s life and their needs can sometimes be overlooked by service providers. Countywide, there has been and including men network developed. This looks at best practice and emerging issues countywide. Sure Start children’s centres are actively involving fathers in their daily practice. Sure Start children’s centres work closely with Job Centre Plus’ lone parent advisors, to ensure they are receiving the services and benefits available to them .This will enable lone parents to return to, or enter into, education, employment or training.

Offenders can be isolated and excluded. A range of interventions have been deployed to reduce the number of young people re-offending and becoming involved with the criminal justice system. Within the contracts the council has renewed, there is a sharper focus around participation, as it was felt that was a key area of need.

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