Promoting healthy lifestyles

Promoting healthy lifestyles

This page covers the health and wellbeing strategy priority of promoting healthy lifestyles.

One of the key priorities in the health and wellbeing strategy focuses on tackling some of the main causes of health problems in the county.

The focus will be on:
  • reducing alcohol related harm
  • tackling levels of obesity through diet and exercise
  • promoting mental wellbeing
Health and care professionals will use every contact with an individual to maintain or improve their mental and physical health and wellbeing where possible, whatever the purpose of the contact. This will also involve moving beyond single-issue campaigns to integrated promotion of healthy lifestyles.

What impact will be made?

Patients will receive a person-centred service which seeks to promote health, improve health and prevent ill health, as well as diagnosing and treating existing conditions.

Communities will focus on health, rather than on ill health. Health promotion, prevention and early intervention will be embedded across all community-based health and social care services.

The following information and priorities are taken from the baseline JSNA and update (2012). The content of this section is currently being updated, therefore, some of the data and documents may be out of date.

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