Adults with visual or hearing impairment

Adults with visual or hearing impairment

Adults with visual impairments:

  • The prevalence of sight loss increases with age. One in five people aged 75 and over and one in two people aged 90 and over is living with sight loss in the UK.
  • The direct and indirect costs of sight loss are estimated to have risen from £6.5 billion in 2008 to £7.9 billion in 2013 (RNIB 2009).
  • Figures for Northumberland in April 2013 showed a total of over 1,474 people registered as severely sight impaired, blind, sight impaired or partially sighted.
  • There were 2,438 cataract operations for Northumberland residents between Apr 2007 and March 2008 (the latest available ONS data, 2009). This represents 12% of the cataract operations that were carried out in the North East. Please note, it is not uncommon for the same person to undergo two treatments in the same year.
  • Visual impairment increases significantly with age. 44% of those registered with sight impairment are either severe sight impaired or blind.
  • 54% of those registered with a sight impairment (803 people) are aged over 80 years old.
  • 126 adults aged 18-64 who do not fall in other need groups are also registered with severe sight impairments, and 115 with other sight impairments.

Adults with hearing impairments

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