Our approach

Our approach

Our approach 

The 'our approach' page provides details of the Northumberland health and wellbeing board and how health and care needs in Northumberland are addressed.

The health and wellbeing vision for Northumberland is to create a culture that allows the aspirations of residents and communities to be fulfilled. Through a number of organisations working together the aim is to make a real difference to improving the health and wellbeing of local people.

There are a number of health and social care organisations committed to making this work, some of which are detailed below.

Health & wellbeing board

health and wellbeing board brings together key partners from health and care organisations to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. Its aim is to build on existing partnership work to help improve people’s lives by making it easier for health, adult social care and children’s services to offer better, more joined-up services.

In Northumberland, this board has been established as a committee of Northumberland County Council.  Its membership includes all those with a role in commissioning local health and social care services.

Consultation & engagement

Healthwatch Northumberland launched on 1st April 2013. It is run by Adapt (North East). There are Healthwatch organisations in all council areas in England. Healthwatch Northumberland gives users of health and social care services a powerful voice, both locally and nationally. Healthwatch works with users of local health and social care services to hear about people's experiences find out the issues or problems and help make sure there are improvements.


The Northumberland clinical commissioning group are responsible for the planning and buying of local NHS healthcare and health services for local people. Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), are made up of doctors, nurses and other health professionals – with support from experienced health service managers. All 46 family GP practices in Northumberland are members of NHS Northumberland CCG.


The following provides links to performance information relating to internal County Council departments and to health & wellbeing partners. The information shows how well we are doing in key performance measures related to the JSNA.

Northumberland County Council performance

Children's service

Adult social care

Public health

Northumberland CCG

Healthwatch Northumberland

Health and wellbeing board

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