Working for the council

Working for the council

Corporate Leadership Team

The Chief Executive of the Council oversees the operation of six directorates each led by a Director.  These senior officers make up our corporate leadership team. Click on the link below to find out more:
Our People

Within the six directorates, we have employees working in both customer-facing and support service roles.  These employees represent a range of professions, trades and disciplines. 


Our Services

As a Council responsible for one of the largest counties in the UK, we offer a range of services across our six directorates.  Some examples of the services within each of the directorates include:

Local Services & Housing Delivery - highways development, highways maintenance, parking, refuse collection, street lighting, housing and strategic property
Wellbeing & Community Health Services - children’s social care, adult social care, public health, education and skills, adoption and fostering
Corporate Resources - information services, legal, finance, employee services and customer services, registrars and coronial services
Planning and Economy - planning, election services and policy and inclusion
Human Resources - HR, organisational development, health and safety and communications
Fire and Rescue - fire and public protection

We have a wide range of exciting opportunities throughout the Council.   Our current vacancies can be found here  

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