Learning and development

Learning and development

Find out about the learning and development opportunities with us

Performance Appraisal & Supervision

As an employee of the council you will receive an annual performance appraisal and regular supervision meetings or 1:1’s with your manager.  These provide the opportunity for you and your manager to jointly identify, plan and review the learning, development and support you may need to fulfil the requirements of your role effectively.

NCC Corporate Development Programme

It is really important that we invest in our employees and ensure that they have the right skills and competencies to do their job.  There are many in-house opportunities available for NCC employees and together these form our Corporate Development Programme.  These courses are free to employees of the council and cover topics ranging from first aid training to project management and from customer service skills through to leadership.  Details of courses and dates of events are advertised on the council’s learning management system, Learning Together.

Learning Together

As an employee of the council you will be provided with your own personal Learning Together account.  Using Learning Together you will be able to access the mandatory learning that all employees of the council are required to complete.  You will also be able to access a whole host of learning courses and opportunities to help support you in your specific role.  These resources include eLearning modules, training videos and classroom events.

There is something for everyone and you can access the system 24/7 and using a range of devices including PC’s, laptops, tablets or smartphones.