Guidance for employees

Guidance for employees

This guidance outlines the main stages of induction which will ensure you are prepared for your role and employment with the council.

A structured induction period ensures that new employees feel welcome, valued and settled in their new role.  This then forms the basis from which employees can quickly get up to speed, perform their duties effectively and begin to make a contribution to their team, their directorate / service and the council.

Induction is not a ‘one off’ event.  It is a process which actually starts during recruitment and appointment through to the completion of a successful probationary period.  Here at Northumberland County Council we have a structured approach to induction which includes the following stages:

Before you start work:

You may be asked in your conditional letter of appointment to provide certain information, for example: 
  • Evidence of Right to Work in the UK (if copies were not provided at interview)
  • Qualification certificates (if copies were not provided at interview)
  • Evidence of Professional Body membership (where applicable to the position)
  • Driving licence (where applicable to the position)

Once you have accepted the offer of appointment you will be required to complete an Appointment Statement and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) form (if this is a requirement of the post).

To complete your Appointment Statement you will need the following:
  • Bank statement/ utility bill/ Driving Licence
  • NI number – P45/P60/NI card/ payslip
Details of the process and evidence you will need to complete a DBS disclosure can be found at Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Your confirmation letter should contain details of where you will need to go and who you will need to report to on your first day.  If you are not sure about how to get to County Hall or your new place of work – you can use street map to help you get there 

Arrival - Day 1

When you start work for Northumberland County Council, what takes place on your first day will vary depending on your role and the department which you join.  In broad terms it will begin your integration into a new environment with new colleagues.

More specifically, the following is likely to take place on your first day:
  • You will be introduced to at least some of your new colleagues, including your manager and where appropriate your induction colleague or buddy
  • You will be given a tour of your new workplace to help you find your way around and will be made aware of some basic ‘environmental’ arrangements such as toilet facilities, lunch breaks, fire procedure etc.
  • You will have an opportunity to check and submit any outstanding employment paperwork

Week 1

An employee induction checklist has been developed and your manager or induction buddy will work through this with you.

Induction activities during the first week and beyond will fall into two categories - corporate induction and local induction.

Corporate Induction

You will be provided with corporate, organisational information including how the council is structured, how it operates, what its vision, values and priorities are.  You will also be made aware of the staff benefits and learning and development opportunities that are available.  You will be given access to Learning Together, the council’s learning management system and will be shown how to use the staff intranet and council’s website.

Local Induction

You will be introduced to your work and the work of your team and how it operates.  This is an opportunity to clarify work duties and activities and learn how the work of the service fits with the priorities of the wider organisation.  

Weeks 1 - 4

During the first four weeks of employment you will be introduced to other important arrangements including appraisal and probationary period review, health, safety and wellbeing, equality and diversity, use of IT systems and equipment and other council policies.

You will have the opportunity to attend our ‘Welcome to Northumberland’ induction session where you will meet other new employees joining the council.  You will also be introduced to the mandatory, required learning that all employees of the council are expected to complete.

Induction Review

At the end of the four week induction period your manager will carry out a review with you to evaluate the induction and the Employee Induction Checklist will be completed.