Education & Schools

Education & Schools

This page tells you about Northumberland schools and what support can be offered for learners with SEND.

In England children are ‘school-age’ from the time they start Reception class to the end of Year 11. In Reception they have their 5th birthday. In Year 11 they have their 16th birthday.
The SEND Code of Practice states the purpose of education is so young people:
  • achieve their best
  • become confident individuals living fulfilling lives, and
  • make a successful transition into adulthood, whether into employment, further or higher education or training

For SEND learners there must be a clear focus from 13-14 years of age on moving from education into adulthood (18 years of age).

Most children attend a mainstream school. Some attend a specialist SEND school, an Alternative Provision or may even start college early aged 14-16 years. A small number are educated not-in-a-school due to illness or other reasons.

Most children with SEND have their needs met by the school alone. However, there are around 2000 each year who need additional support from the local authority or others. The local authority and health professionals may offer support to schools through training, additional funding and specialist staff.

To find out more speak to the lead for SEND at your school or college. School Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs) are guided by the handbook below:

Northumberland SENCO handbook 2016-17​

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