This page tells you how SEND learners are supported to make the journey from school to the world of adulthood after education.

Whatever your needs and abilities and age, the main purpose of your education and training is to have a successful adulthood.
The information below explains how we in Northumberland help young people on that journey.
Adulthood begins at 18 years of age, but the SEND Code of Practice demands that the preparation begins much earlier:
  • Professionals across education (including early years, schools, colleges), health and social care should support learners to prepare for adult life, and help them go on to achieve the best outcomes in employment, independent living, health and community participation.
  • High aspirations are crucial to success – discussions about longer term goals should start early and ideally well before Year 9 (age 13-14) at school. They should focus on the child or young person’s strengths and capabilities and the outcomes they want to achieve.
  • This includes both the transition into post-16 education, and the transition from post-16 education into adult life.
The SEND Code also tells local authorities that:
  • From 16 years onwards it is the young person who decides their future, although there is nothing to stop them asking their parents, or others to help them make the decision.
  • Young people are entitled to the same quality and level of information, advice and support as parents.
  • Young people must have confidence that they are receiving confidential and impartial information, advice and support.
  • Young people may need specialist support to help them prepare for employment, independent living (including housing) and participation in society and careers advice where needed.
For these reasons you will find many of the documents below are written in a different style: they are intended for young people to read, but should be helpful for families too.
To find out more speak to the person responsible for SEND at your school or college.
If you are over 16 and not in education or training contact the Careers Guidance Team at 01670 622799 or 07827 244 027
We hope you find these documents helpful: