Aims & benefits

Aims & benefits

This scheme helps boost consumer confidence and the local economy by guiding visitors to local businesses offering authentic county foods.


The main aim of Produced in Northumberland is to verify that foods are actually produced in Northumberland or, in the case of meat, that it originates from animals that have lived their entire lives in the county.

The decision to provide the scheme was taken based on the need: 
  • to promote fantastic foods produced within Northumberland with a view to helping local producers/retailers
  • to raise public confidence in local foods and help engage them with the taste of Northumberland
  • to build on the ever-growing trend of food tourism by helping visitors enjoy authentic Northumberland delicacies
There are an estimated 1,200 cattle holdings, 100 butchers, more than 100 large/medium manufacturers and a number of farmers' markets, together with an abundance of country pubs, restaurants and small local traders, in the county.

Based on the experience of many businesses, they are now seeing an increase in consumers who are asking about the origin of the food that they wish to purchase and consume.

We boast a wide variety of local Northumberland produce and an assortment of menus to attract visitors to sample our local delicacies. 

There is evidence that tourists and holidaymakers coming to Northumberland are generally keen to indulge in tasting what the county has to offer.


Businesses signed up to Produced in Northumberland initially receive preliminary verification, then full verification following an audit visit, which comes with the following incentives: 
  • A certificate stating the business has Produced in Northumberland status.
  • A searchable listing on the Produced in Northumberland website, which includes business name, location, link to business website, and description of produce/food it has been verified for (currently under development).
  • Links to the Northumberland Tourism and Visit Northumberland websites as part of their dedicated coverage of the brand.
  • Social media promotion from Northumberland County Council for the scheme.
  • Usage of the Produced in Northumberland branding for promotion of produce to the public and advice on costs of implementing its use.
  • Access to a network of similar businesses that will be able to share ideas and hopefully lead to greater use of Northumberland produce.
  • Advice and assistance from experienced officers.

Signing up to Produced in Northumberland

Any business can sign up to the scheme (to which an annual fee applies) as long as they can verify that food items that they manufacture, serve or sell were made in Northumberland.

To gain verification, manufacturers and small scale producers will have to prove that their produce has been produced in Northumberland. For butchers and farmers, in addition they will also have to prove that the livestock from which their meat originates are from Northumberland farms.

Retailers will have to prove they have a variable selection of Northumberland-made food and drink from a number of different producers. These should be clearly identified as “Produced in Northumberland” to avoid confusion with other food and drink on sale.

For B&Bs with a limited breakfast menu, there is the requirement to show that they are providing at least three main foods that are produced in Northumberland for their guests, e.g. kippers, bacon and sausage.

Other hospitality businesses, e.g. pubs, cafes, hotels, restaurants and similar, will have to prove they have at least nine main foods divided between the breakfast, lunch and evening menu. Should they only provide breakfast and lunch, or lunch and evening meals, then they must prove that they use six main foods divided between the two menus.